Business Enterprise Mapping defines, improves, and aligns business processes to deliver sustainable improvement and substantial benefit.


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Business Process Management concept with globe on blue world map background

Five Simple but Essential Steps to Better Process Automation

Companies that invest in strong business processes, just as they invest in efficient information technology systems, mod …Read More

measure performance with a purpose

Measure with a Purpose to Deliver Better Organization Results

When we assess an organization’s performance measurement system as it relates to overall strategy, execution and perform …Read More

best practice sign

Ten Characteristics of Successful Process Management

Although we have implemented process-based management and improvement for over twenty years, we still find that many new …Read More

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Five Beliefs That Enable Enterprise Performance Improvement

Through our 22 years of experience with client enterprises across 60 different industries, we have seen a variety of cha …Read More

“BEM’s program is probably the best single tool I’ve ever worked with, and it has contributed to several hundred thousand dollars of cost reduction.”

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