Business Enterprise Mapping builds process maps to define, improve, align and sustain business processes to enhance customer value, improve profitability, and mitigate risk.  Let us show you how.


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Police Enterprise Structure Pic

The Police Enterprise Structure

The Police Enterprise Structure David Amari, Program Director   The police enterprise is typically organized in a h …Read More


Robots Redefine Revenue!

Robots Redefine Revenue! is famous for using super-efficient business processes to lower costs, allowing them …Read More

Police Enterprise System Pic

The Police Enterprise System

The Police Enterprise System David Amari, Program Director   Although many still try to deny it, police agencies ar …Read More

Business people handshake and company team

The Customer Value Assessment

The Customer Value Assessment Joseph Bockerstette, Partner   A value proposition can be defined and assessed throug …Read More

Business Enterprise Mapping transforms how organizations create value, solve problems and manage work.