Business Enterprise Mapping transforms how clients create value, solve problems, and manage work.  We implement a unique and effective business process mapping method that delivers substantial and sustainable business process improvement.


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Business Process Mapping Helps Social Enterprise Meet its Goals

How many paper forms do employees in your organization use to get work accomplished? The answer is likely more than you (or they) think.

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Why Business Process Mapping Improves Employee Engagement

When employees have a voice in how their work is done, they are often more motivated and engaged in the process. Not only does process mapping provide a very powerful analytical tool, it also provides a very powerful employee engagement opportunity that forms the foundation for sustainable employee satisfaction and performance well into the future.

Business Enterprise Mapping

Five More Reasons a Process Map Will Make You a Better Manager

Mapping business processes provides organization insights that lead to competitive advantage. Are you ready to improve your organization?

Five Simple Reasons Process Mapping Will Make You a Better Manager

Five Simple Reasons a Process Map Will Make You a Better Manager

A process map forms the foundation for strong management and consistent business improvement.

“The results attained by using Business Enterprise Mapping’s methodology to improve operations were nothing short of amazing.”

Mike Bunch

Executive Vice President

Summit Mining International, Inc.