70% of all organization opportunities lie hidden in broken processes.  Business Enterprise Mapping defines, improves, and aligns those processes for sustainable performance improvement.  Contact us to find out how.


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Women giving instructions to the business team

A Good Process Map Captures Important Process Knowledge

  Most process maps are built at a level of detail that actually prevents them from being useful to employees who o …Read More

Composition of diverse people working

What is Value Added?

  Value added tasks are defined as tasks the customer would be willing to pay for. Limited value tasks are those of …Read More

Business people

Arizona Tech Investors (ATI)

Process Mapping to Improve an Acquisition System Arizona Tech Investor (ATI) is an active community of accredited, angel …Read More

Utah State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City

Process Mapping in the Public Sector

By Anne H. Barry, MPA, Certified in Perigon™ Process Development   The public sector is distinct from the private s …Read More

Business Enterprise Mapping transforms how organizations create value, solve problems and improve performance.