Over 70% of organization opportunities lie hidden in broken processes.  Business Enterprise Mapping defines, improves, and aligns business processes for sustainable process improvement.  Contact us to find out how.


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Workflow concept on black blackboard with businessman hand pointing

Five Beliefs That Enable Enterprise Performance Improvement

Through our 22 years of experience with client enterprises across 60 different industries, we have seen a variety of cha …Read More

Business Process

We Need to Think Differently About How We Manage Work

Since the beginning of time, organizations have been structured in a top-down manner. Using this structure, leaders form …Read More

Business Process Maturity

The Business Process Continuum

Organizations most often focus time and attention on direction, strategy and structure versus the process of getting wor …Read More

A Good Process Map Captures Important Knowledge

A Good Process Map Captures Important Knowledge

  Most process maps are built at a level of detail that actually prevents them from being useful to employees who o …Read More

Business Enterprise Mapping transforms how organizations create value, solve problems and improve performance.