The Power of the Perigon Method

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Using The Perigon Method, BEM Uniquely and Effectively Fixes Broken Business Processes


For nearly 25 years, BEM has partnered with 300 clients, mapped 3,000 process-based business systems, deployed 25,000 processes, and successfully addressed 750,000 improvement opportunities. Here’s the secret to our success:

The Perigon Method for business process mapping


What We Do Using The Perigon Method

BEM transforms how clients create customer value, solve problems and manage work, by working with employees to build business maps that define, improve, align and deploy more efficient and effective workflows.  We believe that those who do the work are best positioned to improve the work. We partner with client employees to build Business Management Systems that deliver impressive and sustainable performance improvement.


How We Use The Perigon Method To Solve Business Challenges

What sets BEM apart is our proprietary and highly effective Perigon Method. By solely mapping client businesses for 25 years, we have developed and refined a very efficient and effective set of tools that helps clients gain incredible insights into their business.  Using the Perigon Method, BEM designs workflows that are simpler, faster, and more valuable.

The Perigon Method Addresses a Variety of Business Needs

We encounter a wide variety of challenges in client organizations.  Here are six of the most common challenges we address:

  • Solving a performance problem. The client knows that current performance is unacceptable, but can’t pinpoint the problem.
  • Growing rapidly while maintaining control. The client is successful and growing rapidly, but is at risk of losing managerial, financial, or regulatory control.
  • Efficiently achieving regulatory compliance. The client needs to quickly obtain a certification or pass an audit.  Or, alternatively, the client has standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are outdated and wants a compliance system that also adds value to the business. 
  • Simplifying processes before implementing software. The client wants to map and simplify its business processes prior to implementing new application software.
  • Integrating an acquisition. The client has just completed an acquisition and wants to seamlessly integrate best practices for the combined entity.
  • Creating a competitive advantage. The client sees great value in process management and wants to become a best practice company through a process-based, customer focused strategy.


Perigon Delivers Long-Term Process Improvement

Through our client engagement process that “teaches employees to fish,” Perigon develops ownership and accountability that delivers lasting change, through four components:    

  • Perigon Delivery. Perigon Delivery is a five-phase implementation methodology based upon expert facilitation of purposeful workshops that develop specific deliverables to build business maps that solve problems. Perigon systematically builds business process and system playbooks that drive process management and improvement that is sustainable and impressive. 
  • Perigon Playbook. The Perigon Playbook is a robust, three-dimensional process manual that provides all of the knowledge necessary to own, manage, and continuously improve a process, including data, information, and task instructions.
  • Perigon Instruction. The Perigon Method is delivered through hands-on, interactive client workshops. Perigon Instruction provides a complete curriculum of workshop materials and skills training to support the Perigon Method deployment, including Perigon Certification, where BEM certifies and licenses client specialists in implementing Perigon.
  • Perigon Tools. Perigon Tools integrates a powerful set of process mapping and improvement tools, and uses a library of specialized templates, symbols, stencils, matrices, icons, instructions and best practices that enables clients to realize their full process improvement potential.


Perigon Method vs Traditional Management

Business Process Management yields a substantial and sustainable performance improvement over the traditional organization structure. Reliable and capable processes and systems make the execution of a leader’s intention possible. By actively defining, analyzing, improving, and aligning business systems and processes, the organization can systematically improve both efficiency and effectiveness while simultaneously providing a superior customer experience.

The Perigon Method improves client organizations by transforming them into process-based, high performing enterprises.  Using Perigon, BEM builds organization infrastructure from the bottom up, by mapping contiguous processes, rationalizing those processes into integrated business systems, and aligning those systems with enterprise strategy.


Perigon Delivers Tangible Business Benefits

Perigon provides ongoing significant tangible improvement, including focused accountability, greater customer value, cost savings, increased productivity, revenue growth, lead-time reduction, improved quality, greater customer value and alignment to strategy. Here are eight ways Perigon improvement delivers valuable benefit to an organization. 

  • Improve employee loyalty. Not only does Perigon provide a very powerful analytical tool, it also provides a very beneficial employee engagement opportunity that forms the foundation for sustainable employee loyalty that delivers powerful results well into the future.
  • Improve customer loyalty. Customer value is in the eye of the perceiver and by systematically studying customer wants and needs, an organization can build robust business processes that consistently meet those needs and deliver a significant competitive advantage over time. 
  • Improve business partner loyalty. As the trend toward outsourcing continues to grow, treating key suppliers as business partners becomes far more important to a successful enterprise value proposition. 
  • Grow revenues. Revenue growth comes from one of three sources, new customers, higher prices, or greater sales to current customers.   All three of these sources are directly impacted by the quality of business processes that produce those outcomes. 
  • Reduce expenses. Expense reductions are the area most typically thought of when considering process mapping.  Expense reductions can be found in the firm’s cost of goods sold, including materials, labor, and overhead, as well as operating and support costs.
  • Reduce asset costs. By not building, managing and continually improving business processes, an organization spends more dollars on other assets that underperform relative to their full potential. 
  • Reduce working capital. By studying process reliability and level of match-up in supplier – customer relationships, an organization is capable of minimizing the working capital required to satisfy customer needs.
  • Reduce enterprise risk. A Perigon Playbook represents an excellent method to capture the workflow in any business, as well as the additional information and knowledge necessary to support the operational execution.



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