Process Mapping

The Case for Process Mapping – Improve and Align Workflows


The primary challenge we find in organizations today is the inability to execute to leadership’s intentions due to a lack of workflow control.  Business process mapping defines, improves and aligns workflow for more efficient and effective execution, which is essential to running a successful organization.


The Opportunity Process Mapping Addresses


process mapping opportunity



My Business has a Problem, But What is the Source?

We know that about 72% of all improvement opportunities are directly related to business process deficiencies.  It is easy to overlook the critical connection that business processes play in powering the engine that delivers performance.


Why is Work Not Getting Done?

 While organizations are typically structured vertically, workflows move through these organizations horizontally. Organization silos cause process inefficiencies and breakdowns, with dropped balls and missed handoffs, causing work to get disrupted. 


Are Broken Business Processes Causing the Problem?

Most business processes…..

  • are undefined,
  • cumbersome to operate,
  • full of non value-added extra work,
  • lacking customer connection,
  • missing accountability. 


How are Employees and Customers Affected by Broken Processes?

The primary challenge that we find in organizations today is their inability to execute to leadership’s intentions due to a lack of workflow control. This shows up in a number of ways, such as customer dissatisfaction, costs that are too high, lead-times that are too long, or unhappy employees.  Workflow control is foundational to running a successful business. 


How Can Business Process Mapping Improve My Business?

Process mapping is the foundation for streamlining and improving workflow management.  It can provide an invaluable tool to define, improve, align, and sustain process performance in any organization.


Best Practice Process Mapping – Introducing the Perigon Method 

Business Enterprise Mapping builds process maps using our own Perigon Method, which is in its 16th revision in 25 years. We deliver best practice business process mapping services and training that provides insight, engagement, and substantial improvement.  Mapping a business with The Perigon Method is the first step to improving how you manage work.



Business Process Mapping for Sustainable Improvement