Acquisition Integration

What We Believe: Knowing how an acquisition operates is invaluable for optimizing integration.

Business acquisition: How we solve the problem

By rapidly mapping the acquisition’s core processes, BEM can quickly give the acquirer an understanding of the strengths and weakness of the acquired enterprise, the key associated risks, and the best practice opportunities that are achievable through successful acquisition integration.

  • Understand the strategy, goals and objectives of leadership relative to the acquisition opportunity.
  • Identify the acquisition company business systems to be studied and responsibilities.
  • Facilitate leadership sessions to identify processes by system.
  • Identify responsibilities, purpose, boundaries, and basic SIPOC models.
  • Capture significant problems and opportunities.
  • Determine primary metrics, current performance and maturity.
  • Map high priority processes and benchmark to in-house processes.
  • Evaluate differences and best practices.
  • Discuss priorities and opportunities with leadership.

Acquisition Integration: A case study

While BEM was implementing an Enterprise Management System (EMS) in a medical company, it was acquired by a Fortune 50 public company. We were told to stop work immediately as what we were developing was not required. Several months later, we got a call from the acquirer to finish off what we had started. We did this very successfully within the timeframe established. We then started our first project of many for the acquirer to define their acquisition integration process.

Acquisition Integration: The benefits

Our work allowed our client to integrate the acquisition very rapidly. They relayed that this was the easiest acquisition integration that they had ever encountered because the processes were clearly defined, and all of the critical subject matter experts identified.

“I have never seen such a powerful tool that has everything you need in one place.”

Leadership Rep

“I have recommended BEM to peers in other companies who have also reported positive results and have reports from prior employers a decade ago still using and continually improving BEM systems many acquisitions and billions later.”
                                                                                                                       Senior Executive

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