Business Process Improvement

What We Know: Over 70% of all organization opportunities lay hidden in broken processes.

Process Improvement: How we solve the problem

By partnering with staff to build process maps, we help clients quickly understand how a business process works, where the source of the problem lies, and what opportunities are immediately addressable. Through our unique and powerful process mapping method, we surface the cause and effect relationships that are difficult to diagnose. We then build and implement a plan together to achieve sustainable business process improvement.

Every Business Enterprise Mapping project is designed to deliver a return on investment that exceeds the cost of the project. In each phase, we capture Red Clouds, which represent improvements and opportunities surfaced by team members during their process mapping sessions. In addition to benchmarking performance in four key metrics, we quickly deliver a set of Quick Win action items (that typically address about 50% of total opportunities) which can be implemented within 90 days. In addition, we partner with the business process team to perform value analysis, identify process knowledge requirements, define role and responsibilities, establish metrics, and develop a comprehensive business process improvement plan to improve performance. While identified savings can far exceed project costs, the client’s ROI from implemented actions for deployed business process improvement typically ranges from 1:1 to 10:1 and can grow to 100:1.

Process Improvement: A case study

With a directive to develop cross-functional teams to break down departmental barriers, BEM partnered with a major newspaper to implement a business process improvement project. Working with engaged process owners, BEM studied and improved 47 key business processes, and streamlined the entire newsroom within 60 days.

Process Improvement: The benefits

The project led to a significant reduction in operating costs, including eliminating redundant tasks in the newsroom (providing an extra 30 minutes of deadline time), eliminating the need to hire 38 employees, and cutting 17 minutes from carriers’ time in the center, providing faster delivery.

“Business Enterprise Mapping is a trusted adviser and a repeat go-to partner for business process improvement.”
Senior Executive

“We found $700,000 in cost savings by mapping sales and marketing business processes with BEM, which far exceeded our project costs.”
VP Sales & Marketing

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Business Process Mapping for Sustainable Improvement