Competitive Advantage

What We Believe: Competitive advantage won’t stand on weak business processes.

How we help you gain a competitive advantage

BEM utilizes the Perigon Method, a field tested and proven methodology that transforms organizations from traditional top-down management systems to business enterprise management systems that achieve competitive advantage and provide superior operating performance.


Sustainable Business Process Management

Through our business enterprise mapping services, business processes are defined, owned, followed, measured, and monitored. Process Owners know their value proposition, understand the needs of their customers and suppliers, and get regular feedback. Problem solving is widely distributed and business process improvement opportunities are identified and prioritized with active improvement plans. Using Perigon, BEM clients quickly realize the following benefits.

  • Get real employee engagement to improve the business
  • Identify the right process owner and business process improvement team
  • Quickly define a process and establish process relationships
  • Assess customer and supplier alignment
  • Detail process knowledge requirements
  • Analyze process opportunities
  • Benchmark beginning process performance
  • Identify and prioritize improvements
  • Develop and implement business process improvement plans
  • Measure business process performance
  • Systematically monitor progress to goal.

Perigon incorporates the Customer Value Assessment, which defines customers for each process, determines what customers want from the process, assesses the extent to which the process meets the customer needs, examines the service gaps, and identifies customer value improvement opportunities. Building better customer value for internal customers leads to more value and better outcomes with external customers.

Competitive Advantage: A case study

BEM developed a total business enterprise mapping system for a remote mine in the Andes Mountains in southwestern Bolivia. Despite both cultural and political challenges, the enterprise system implementation was completed on schedule and on budget. The greatest challenge was to develop a system that could communicate processes and procedures across the barriers of language and literacy. Because the BEM system is highly visual and intuitive, it was ideal for the mine’s workforce, 80% of whom are indigenous Quechua-speaking locals.

Competitive Advantage: The benefits

The business enterprise mapping system has provided the foundation for a financial turnaround of the mine, going from an operating loss to a significant profit.

“Our supply chain impact project proved to be a lot of hard work but in hindsight – what an investment. A very powerful tool enabling me to confidently delegate the tasks and projects required in order to reach a World Class Best Practice Supply Chain.”

Director, Supply Chain

Minera San Cristobal

“We have seen the financial returns and the organization is looking forward to leveraging our investment to realize even more significant results. I love working with BEM.”

Director, Process Improvement


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Business Process Mapping for Sustainable Improvement