Control Growth

What We Believe: Managing business processes creates superior results during periods of high growth.

Controlling Business Growth: How we solve the problem

Through the application of our Perigon Method of enterprise-wide mapping, BEM provides a truly unique and powerful approach to improving the performance of a business and controlling growth in many different ways.


The development and deployment of process and system maps in an integrated Enterprise Management System provides powerful best practices capability that delivers a valuable and sustainable investment in a company’s infrastructure. How Perigon is used to improve performance varies depending upon client objectives, but performance improvements can generally be organized through the business objectives: standardization of work, profit improvement, customer value enhancement, and risk mitigation.

BEM engages client teams to develop standard processes that deliver what customers want. Broken processes frustrate customers, cause money to be wasted on underperforming assets, and introduce unnecessary risk to the enterprise. Through BEM expertise, clients develop a set of internal best practices that build the capability to control growth. Clients then deploy standard processes across the enterprise that are defined, owned, managed, and followed for consistent execution.


  • Understand the business model.
  • Define the enterprise/system/process workflow structure.
  • Assess the many ways work is getting done.
  • Start with core processes that impact customer value.
  • Determine the greatest enterprise risk areas.
  • Map the priority processes and standardize on enterprise best practice.
  • Determine missing knowledge requirements.
  • Establish standard metrics.
  • Train and deploy the new/improved/standard process.
  • Implement the improvement plan.

Controlling Growth: A case study

A payment solutions provider startup in 2004 expanded very rapidly to become a highly profitable $1 billion firm by 2010. The firm engaged Business Enterprise Mapping to develop and deploy a process-based management system to establish best practices, mitigate financial and regulatory risk, and improve enterprise performance.

Controlling Growth: The benefits

The organization uses BEM’s Enterprise Management System to manage and control growth and drive performance improvement.

“Having worked with several different process improvement methodologies for many years and at different organizations, the Business Enterprise Mapping approach is the most robust I have ever experienced.”

 VP Process Improvement

“It isn’t just about process mapping or making one-time process improvements; it’s about understanding our entire business from a process perspective and continuously driving process improvement.”

Leadership Rep

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