Standard Operating Procedures

What We Believe: Process Maps are more efficient and effective than Standard Operating Procedures for documenting and improving the organization.

Standard Operating Procedures

The purpose of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to establish and document a best practice operating method for executing work that is reliable and repeatable. While SOPs have their role in business operations, most organizations are over documented with written instructions that are cumbersome to develop, difficult to maintain and rarely followed by those who do the work. BEM’s Perigon Playbook provides a far more efficient, effective, and robust method for documenting the organization..

Still Using SOPs, Process Flow Charts, and Swim Lane Diagrams, Seriously?

sops swim lane diagrams process flow charts

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“MetaBank completed a thorough Business Enterprise Mapping initiative that will help to deliver a systematic, interconnected employee accountability structure. This structure drives more interaction and accountability throughout the organization by defining lines of ownership and communicating expectations of business units and departments. It also prepares us for quicker-to-market responses as we look toward future innovations.”

2013 Annual Report, Meta Financial Group, Inc.

How Perigon Compares to SOPs


SOPs will always have a role in documentation, but the Perigon Method minimizes and utilizes SOPs to deliver the most benefit in the most efficient way.


How BEM Documents Work in an Organization


While building Perigon Playbooks, BEM assesses an organization’s work flow for best practice, along with compliance to external agency requirements, such as SOX, ISO 9000, OHSAS 18000, and ISO 14000. Capturing compliance needs is integral to the Perigon Playbook design. BEM’s Perigon Method is considered best practice by external auditors and offers many advantages over traditional methods for certification and corporate compliance. There is no better method for defining, capturing and maintaining enterprise knowledge. All of our clients have successfully achieved certification on the first audit, typically with zero non-conformances.  BEM’s Perigon Method offers many advantages over traditional approaches for certification and corporate compliance.


  • Drives continuous improvement throughout the organization
  • Engages staff in documentation development, creating stakeholder ownership
  • Integrates Enterprise knowledge into work flow by subject matter experts
  • Provides the opportunity for drastic simplification and improvement
  • Embeds process thinking into the culture
  • Builds the foundation for key business initiatives
  • Establishes best practices
  • Eliminates traditional boundaries to create a seamless enterprise
  • Aligns performance management, resources and strategy


BEM’s Diverse Regulatory Experience


ISO 9001Manufacturing
ISO 17025Crime Laboratory
ISO 14001Government
ISO 13485Medical Devices
OHSAS 18001Mining
AS 9100Aerospace
TS 16949Automotive
TL 9001Telecommunications
CMOMPublic Utility
CALEALaw Enforcement
SOXEnergy Trading


“The auditors praised our work on business process mapping and encouraged us to continue on that journey.”

Compliance Director

“Before process maps, we have never had an audit where so much goodwill was built up.”

Quality Assurance Director

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