How to Build An Innovation Engine that Delivers High Growth




Build a Sustainable Innovation Engine in Your Organization


The need for increased innovation is one of the five major strategic concerns expressed by senior executives. This need is driven by the desire for increased revenues and greater market share. As pressure increases for growth, innovation brings hope for the solution. What we know from client experiences, however, is that the “how to” of innovation remains mysterious and elusive. We find that companies want to excel at innovation without having the knowledge or capability to deliver innovation in practice. Innovation within organizations today lacks a process for defining, executing, or even establishing a purposeful goal and metric. Instead there is often an “idea-de-jour” approach, where the feel good vibe created at the beginning of an innovation project erodes rapidly under the inadequate innovation process structure, and people react by quickly moving on to the next big thing.  As this cycle continues, innovation never achieves traction across the organization and growth suffers.


Vanguard Marketing and Business Enterprise Mapping, two deeply seasoned and successful professional services firms, are pleased to combine forces to offer this two-day, hands-on, highly interactive course to teach executives, managers and strategic thinkers how to build an innovation engine that delivers the capability to achieve consistently high growth. 


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The Innovation Engine Challenge


In working with many clients, we see common innovation problems:

  • Innovation is in vogue across all industries, with a feel good flavor but lacks substance.
  • Innovation lacks a common definition and understanding.
  • Many companies don’t define innovation, rather they embrace continuous improvement and call it innovation.
  • Innovation requires behavior change and change often encounters resistance from long held paradigms of current practices.
  • A lack of a systematic approach to innovation provides random results, at best.
  • Companies think innovation training means creative-thinking workshops, which are fun but not actionable.
  • People see innovation as actions coming only from someone entrepreneurial who thinks differently, but this is not true – the required subject matter experts are already inside the organization.
  • Business processes are designed with the unintended consequence of stifling innovation.
  • Companies that entered new markets with disastrous results learned to never try it again.
  • Company growth initiatives tend to be solutions in search of a problem.
  • Companies offer “me-too” products driven by reactivity to competition.


The Innovation Professionals

Vanguard Marketing International, Inc. (VMI) is a strategic consulting firm focused on innovation to help clients in the commercial and defense sectors solve their toughest domestic and international growth and leadership challenges.  VMI brings critical insights to its clients, especially with regard to understanding and evaluating trends, business strategies and practices in order to help build a pro-active leadership framework and improve bottom line results.  In 25 years, VMI has completed over 400 strategic marketing and emerging technology assignments for Fortune 500 through Pre-IPO clients.  This workshop will be co-led by VMI’s Jack Byers.

Jack Byers is the Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Marketing International, Inc. He specializes in the exploration and design of new markets and revenue growth opportunities for clients, bringing “horizontal thinking” to the formulation of new, strategic initiatives for achieving industry leadership. His efforts include leveraging new technology discriminators and business models, while providing strategic intent perspectives of his clients’ closest rivals.

Business Enterprise Mapping, (BEM) builds uniquely effective workflow maps to define, improve, and align business processes for enhancing customer value, improving profitability, and mitigating risk.  Using its own Perigon® Method, BEM leads client teams in the development of business diagrams & maps that define, improve and align business processes to deploy and sustain simpler, better, faster and more valuable work.  For 25 years, BEM has partnered with 300 client enterprises across 60 industries and 6 continents to define work for sustainable improvement.  This workshop will be co-led by BEM’s Don James.


Don James is the Founding Partner of Business Enterprise Mapping.  He is a Business Process Improvement professional, with over 30 years of experience, who founded BEM in 1993 to find a better way to develop process, system and enterprise maps for implementing sustainable performance improvement.  He is the inventor of The Perigon Program, a proprietary process management and improvement methodology that has evolved through 20 years of hands-on implementation experience and client feedback.

Combining VMI’s deep experience in delivering innovation for client companies and BEM’s equally deep experience in building business systems and processes to deliver sustainable results, the two firms have joined together to develop this three-day course teaching students how to build a capable, repeatable and effective Innovation System. This course is a hands-on, problem-solving workshop. Come prepared to examine your company’s current level of innovation performance, assess it against best practices, and develop a plan with actionable steps to close the gap.


Who Should Attend


Senior marketing, strategy and product development leaders, including VPs, Directors and Managers, who desire to develop, organize and align their innovation capability to substantially grow their organization.  This course is for the strategic thinking executive who wants to build a system that will create long term competitive advantage through consistent and repeatable innovation.


 What You Will Learn


How to diagnose your Innovation System opportunities, assess the gaps, and redesign the Innovation System to deliver substantially improved performance.

  • The value of process based thinking in designing the Innovation System.
  • Common causes of innovation failures.
  • The power of the Customer Value Model.
  • Identify the essential internal customers of an Innovation System.
  • How to estimate current innovation performance.
  • A model for best practice in an Innovation System.
  • How to create a model of your current Innovation System.
  • How to assess gaps in your company’s innovation performance versus best practice.
  • How to align the critical elements of your Innovation System to deliver superior performance.
  • How to develop a plan to move toward best practices.



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Day 1 – The Current Innovation System

The Most Common Problems Found in Innovation Today
Process Structure in Innovation
The Current State of Innovation
The Origin of VMI’s Innovation Best Practices
The Innovation Business System

Day 2 – The Best Practice Innovation System

The Best Practice Innovation System
Innovation Business Processes Defined
Define Innovation System Opportunities 
How to Measure Innovation Performance 
Innovation Gaps to Best Practices
The Innovation System GMOST
Business Process Mapping for Sustainable Improvement