How to Improve Performance with Process Mapping

August 28 – 30, 2017

Phoenix AZ



mastering process improvement

Why Process Mapping Training Will Improve Your Business

Understanding business processes and their impact on performance is essential to every employee’s ability to contribute to an organization. This practical three-day process mapping training course is designed to give employees the skills and knowledge to quickly identify, define, analyze, and improve any business process.

By building a strong business process mapping foundation, your team will develop an effective set of skills which are ideal for any department or organization that wants to implement sustainable improvement. Learn how process mapping increases effectiveness, efficiency, and improves the bottom line.

Who Should Attend

Employees involved in business improvement initiatives, and professionals seeking to utilize process mapping as a better way to improve performance will benefit from process mapping certification. This course is ideal for a large group or department, supervisors, managers, or improvement professionals who want to implement a systematic improvement program within their organization. All students need to have their own laptop with Microsoft Visio 2013 or newer installed.

Download the 3-Day Agenda (.docx)


What You Will Learn

  • The value of mastering process improvement as a core skill
  • The power of a high quality process map as the fundamental improvement tool
  • How to build a simple and valuable process map
  • How to use that valuable process map to improve the business
  • How to implement the Seven Step Improvement Process
  • How to integrate processes into an effective business system
  • How to sustain performance improvement

What You Will Take Away

Students will receive a Process Mapping Workbook and Toolkit that will equip them with the skills training, tools and templates to begin improving your organization immediately upon returning to your companies. The toolkit includes the following items:

  • Visio-based process mapping template, stencils and icons
  • Process improvement worksheets
  • Process analysis worksheets
  • Process checklists


August 28 – 30, 2017 | $1995

October 16 – 18, 2017 | $1995

Business Process Mapping for Sustainable Improvement