Perigon Certification

Phase One – Process Development

September 11 – 15, 2017

Phoenix AZ



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Perigon Certification

Business Enterprise Mapping offers individual certification in The Perigon Method, the most comprehensive and effective business process and system mapping method available anywhere. BEM has partnered with more than 300 client enterprises covering 60 industries across 6 continents to map 25,000 business processes, address 750,000 improvement opportunities and obtain over 50 international certifications. The Perigon Method has continued to evolve through this hands-on implementation experience and client feedback. Perigon contains five phases that join together to build a process-based management system that aligns knowledge, processes, and systems to the overall enterprise.  Perigon Certification can be obtained in Phase One – Process Development and Phase Two – System Deployment.

The Perigon Method offers many benefits

  • A more understandable, usable, versatile, and comprehensive map than any process documentation method available today.
  • The fastest, most efficient and most effective way to define and deploy multiple processes
  • Engages employees to develop and own their processes, which drives process management thinking throughout the culture
  • Builds connectivity throughout the organization, from knowledge to process to system to enterprise alignment.
  • Creates a sustainable system of process performance management and improvement.


Why Perigon Certification Will Make You More Valuable 

Perigon delivers process improvement solutions that work. Our nearly twenty five  years of experience has taught us that over 70% of all improvement opportunities are directly related to broken business processes. Most processes are undefined, missing metrics, loaded with non-value added activities, disconnected to customers and lacking accountability. Reliable and capable processes make high performing business execution possible.

The Perigon® Method is a powerful and proven mapping methodology that,

  • Establishes reliable, consistent, efficient and effective processes.
  • Engages and develops client employees to understand, manage and improve their own processes and systems.
  • Provides proven tools that deliver fast results.
  • Captures, categorizes, prioritizes and systematically addresses improvement opportunities.
  • Incorporates customer understanding and requirements.
  • Develops meaningful performance measurements and feedback.
  • Implements and regularly monitors ongoing process improvement.

Phase One Certification – Process Development

Creates current state process maps, captures process improvement opportunities, develops a first pass customer value assessment, benchmarks beginning performance, identifies quick win improvements and delivers a 90-day process improvement plan.  Students will learn how to,

Train Process Owners, including the Orientation Session plus additional training included with each workshop.

Develop Current State Process Maps, using BEM’s unique and effective Perigon Method to develop and deploy standard processes.

Identify Red Clouds. Red Clouds are process improvement opportunities that are identified by Process Teams during the mapping workshops. They are placed directly on process maps in proximity to the tasks where they occur.

Conduct a War Room session. A War Room is an interactive workshop where individual process maps are evaluated for connectivity between processes within a business system. The purpose of the War Room is to evaluate and troubleshoot organization silos and alignment disconnects.

Complete the Customer Value Assessment (CVA). Every process has a main customer of its output. For each process, the CVA evaluates the main customer’s wants and needs across four dimensions.

Develop a Quick Wins Matrix, which identifies improvement opportunities that are within the authority of the Process Owner to implement within 90 days.

Build a Rapid Improvement Plan, which  includes the actions to be taken, responsibilities, and implementation schedule for the first 90 days.


Phase Two Certification – System Deployment

Performs analysis and adds detail to the Perigon Playbook, including knowledge, information, value, responsibilities and metrics that allow Process Owners to simplify and deploy improved processes and deliver a plan for sustainable improvement. Students learn how to perform the follow analysis.

Information Matrix (IM) determines information requirements of the process, such as task instructions, forms and specifications.

Metrics Matrix (MM) determines the measures that will be used to monitor the performance of the process.

Value Analysis Matrix (VM) assesses the value of each task in the process.

RACI Matrix (RA) determines roles and responsibilities for each task.

Opportunity Matrix (OM) assesses, categorizes and priotizes opportunities for improvement

Deployment Readiness (DR) determines process readiness and the actions necessary to release and follow in a controlled state.

Process Improvement Plan (PIP) that includes improvement goals, actions to be taken, responsibilities, and implementation schedule.

Perigon Certification

Phase One – Process Development

April 3 – 7, 2017 | $6,000

September 11 – 15, 2017 | $6,000

November 13 – 17, 2017 | $6,000


Phase Two – System Deployment

June 5 – 9, 2017 | $6,000

December 4 – 8, 2017 | $6,000

Business Process Mapping for Sustainable Improvement