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Every Process Must Serve A Loyal Customer

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More about this Webinar

Perigon is a powerful business process improvement methodology that can help solve the most complex business challenges. The Perigon Method helps organizations define, design, and deploy more efficient and effective workflows that are simpler, faster, and more valuable than traditional top-down management structures.

In this free 30-minute webinar, Joe Bockerstette introduces the Perigon Method and explains the benefits of business process mapping. Other topics included in this webinar:

  • Aligning vertical management structures with horizontal workflows
  • Building a customer value model
  • Selecting a process improvement strategy based on organizational needs
  • Bringing organization structure, workflow execution, and asset productivity together

The Perigon Method has helped more than 300 total enterprises across over 60 different industries realize more than 750,000 process improvement strategies. Download your free webinar to learn how this revolutionary approach to business mapping can help you build high-performing processes that improve stakeholder satisfaction, grow revenue, reduce expenses, and reduce enterprise risk.

About the Presenter: Joe Bockerstette is a Partner at Business Enterprise Mapping, responsible for business and program development and overall company strategy.

More about this Webinar

Behind every unhappy customer is a failed process. This becomes abundantly clear when we consider one of the main purposes of a business system process: To build a loyal customer base, using the minimum amount of resources. Business mapping and process improvement can help you deliver an exceptional customer experience according to acceptable rules and standards without wasting any enterprise resources, including time, technology, and people.

In this free 30-minute webinar, Joe Bockerstette explains how to build and serve a loyal customer by aligning internal business system processes with the customer value model. Other topics explored in this webinar include:

  • The four parts of a “compelling value proposition”
  • Types of internal and external customers
  • Understanding a customer’s perception of value
  • Assessing customer value relative to enterprise capabilities

Business process mapping can be a powerful and transformative tool for your business, and in this free webinar you’ll learn one of the ways that process improvement can benefit your organization. The surest way to build and maintain customer loyalty is building value improvement into a process. Access your free webinar to find out how and why.

About the Presenter: Joe Bockerstette is a Partner at Business Enterprise Mapping responsible for business and program development and overall company strategy.

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