Introduction to Business System Architecture

A One-Day Online Course

A Best Practice Business System Architecture Model

A Business Architecture will describe how work moves through an organization. Our Introduction to Business System Architecture course introduces BEM’s Business System Architecture model - the key to understanding how to best design process structure to improve organization workflow performance. The course is delivered live online by BEM Partner Don James. This short but content packed course guides students to:

• Understand the twelve standard business systems
• Identify and develop business processes within business systems
• Find improvement opportunities to transform workflow
• Build sustainable, systematic performance improvement

Introduction to Business System Architecture

About the Course

Senior leadership and department heads who want to acquire a better understanding of cross-organizational workflow will learn how to use our process-based Business System Architecture model to organize and develop process flow that delivers performance improvement throughout the organization. Change leaders who desire a more robust and effective methodology for driving enterprise improvement will particularly benefit from this course.

The course runs from 9AM to 5PM EST

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Enterprise Structure

Section 3: The Twelve Standard Business Systems

Section 4: Defining Business System Processes

Section 5: Business System Maturity

Section 6: Improvement Opportunities

Section 7: Ownership and Participation

Section 8: Planning Next Steps

How to develop a Business Model through a process architecture definition.

Upcoming course dates are:

• Feb 3, 2023
• May 19, 2023
• September 8, 2023
• November 3, 2023

• Windows device with functional camera
• Zoom Video
• PDF Reader

The course is $995 and you can register quickly and easily on our COURSES page.

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What Students Say...

Business Enterprise Mapping delivers a structured and well-defined process that is easily understandable and user friendly.

VP Quality

The result attained by using the Business Enterprise Mapping methodology to improve operations and quality was nothing short of amazing.

VP & General Manager

BEM’s mapping is a brilliant and powerful integration of best practices.

Program Manager

Process mapping has provided clarity to the way we run our business with focused goals on areas with potential for improvement.

Senior VP

Utter simplicity that opens up the transparency of the business

Exec VP

I have never seen such a powerful tool that has everything you need to know in one place.

Quality Director

Having worked with several different process improvement methodologies for many years and at different organizations, BEM’s method is the most robust I have ever experienced.

VP Enterprise Quality & Leadership

A very powerful tool enabling me to confidently delegate the tasks and projects required in order to achieve a World Class Best Practice Supply Chain.

VP Operations

The Business Enterprise Mapping methodology is the most robust I have seen in my almost 30 years of improvement roles and methodologies including Six Sigma, Lean, and Theory of Constraints.

Business Improvement Manager

Overall best practices program that every company should have.

VP Quality