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6 Secrets of Video Marketing

Video marketing is essential for brands of all sizes and across industries. The importance and usage of video marketing have grown to such great stature that today it’s impossible to discuss digital marketing without discussing video campaigns. 

Here are some video marketing statistics that will compel you to want to include video in your marketing mix. 

  • The inclusion of video on a landing page boosts conversion by 80%
  • 85% of businesses are already using video as a marketing tool 
  • On average, people watch 16 hours of video content weekly 
  • 95% of the message is absorbed by the viewers when watching a video 
  • Compared to other content types, video content is 1200% more successful

Wondering what makes a good video? Here are 6 tips for successful video marketing to reach your target audience. 

Tell your audience stories, not just sales promotions 

In the pre-social media era, marketers had to rent space with popular media channels like print or TV to run their adverts. Thanks to social media platforms today, you can reach out to consumers directly. Branded video content can be competing with entertainment, not interrupting their day. 

Create a video that offers value to the viewers. Videos wholly focused on brands or driving sales are usually ignored by the viewers. Videos that tell stories, on the other hand, engage the audience and connect with them. If you can master the art of storytelling, you will win the audience’s interest and influence their buying decisions. 

Create videos in, or convert to, MP4 

Selecting the right video file format is extremely important. Video formats come in several sizes and shapes and choosing the right format will give your viewers a high-quality experience. Not so long ago, QuickTime Player, Adobe Flash Video, and Windows Media Video or Windows Media Player were the top-notch options for business. However, technology has changed the way people consume and view content. For example, MKV is gaining momentum because it’s super robust and able to fit a huge number of video and audio tracks into one file.

One universal video file format that stands out is MP4. Virtually all platforms and devices support MP4, and most social media channels only support this video format. So, if you have created an MKV video, for example, it is best to convert it to MP4, and you’ll learn all about it in a guide at

The first few seconds are crucial 

Standard attention spans online are less than 8.5 seconds. That’s why you must bring the story to life quickly when creating a video and grab the attention of the audience instantly. The opening few seconds of the video must offer the viewers value to keep them hooked until the end. 

A little bit of humor doesn’t hurt 

You cannot influence people by creating bland and uninteresting videos. Adding a little bit of humor into your videos can help pass your message across effectively. It will help your audience loosen up and forget their mundane realities. Brands can experiment with humor to stand out from the crowd. 

Keep the video short 

Regardless of how interesting your video content is, it is best to keep it short so that people don’t lose interest. People often don’t spend time watching a single video but keep scrolling for more. Since social media and the Internet are filled with various types of content, viewers are pulled in many directions.

So, keep your video short but engaging and entertaining. Either make your video humorous or appeal to audience emotions. Typically, videos that are one or two minutes long are a huge hit among the viewers. Short videos ensure that viewers won’t quit mid-way. 

Don’t forget to add CTA to your video 

Video optimization with relevant CTAs is important for success. A CTA might not always result in sign-ups or sales.  You can also ask people to share your video for more brand awareness and online visibility.  CTAs can be placed anywhere in the video, but those placed at the end are most effective. 


Video marketing can be very effective, as your target audience will easily relate and engage with it. Use the tips mentioned above to ensure success on your next video.