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7 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape Business In 2020

No.Being an entrepreneur does not mean that your future is secured.It doesn’t even mean that your finances ar. I would say it’s quite the opposite; being an entrepreneur means moving in the right direction by taking risks. And with the Internet undergoing so many important updates and changes within the past decade, this new way of looking at the B2B world is starting to shape different, better business perspectives in people’s minds. The better our tools, the better our business, right? With the increasing need of the customer, an increasing flow of expectations follows, which is why we are smart to be using emerging technologies that reshape companies and change businesses for the long run. Here are some of the most important emerging technologies that we will see in 2020.


7 Emerging Technologies


1. Augmented Reality & Simulations

Augmented Reality technology has been expanding in the past decade, turning into a quite useful tool for many enterprises or small businesses. That is because AR technology focuses on creating artificial environments that replace the “status quo” with improved versions “of life,” generating computer-based algorithms that help humans decipher important codes. In the end, AR impacts our lives in every way, including our social life, media presence, habits, and even the entertainment industry. So, you might be wondering how AR works. Here are the basic principles beneath it:

    • Cameras, sensors – scan, locate, generate 3D environments.
    • Processing –AR devices act like computers.
    • Projection –analyzes sensors and projects them to view.
    • Reflection –generates virtual images to improve human interaction.

The latest trends in the AR industry promise that this new “form of reality” could be used for navigation, finding solutions for the enterprise, enhancing WebAR, changing the automobile industry, and innovating new business ideas.


2. Artificial Intelligence and Education

One of the fastest developing technologies of the world, Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in both the tech environment and education. Since AI appeared, education has improved and is now currently able to assist any type of student. That is because, when students are in need of someone helping them out with their essays or school assignments, they will be able to appeal to an online instructor. Thus, they need to worry and stress no more. For example, a recent study has shown that 34 hours spent studying a foreign language on Duolingo (an online app) equals pursuing an entire semester of language education at any college. Here are the benefits that we believe AI will bring to the field.

    • Personalization of content so that it does not become overwhelming for the student.
    • A more intelligent tutoring system where students must no longer rely on human tutors.
    • A fairer form of grading.
    • Quick and meaningful feedback from professors (e.g. Blackboard).


3. Automation

Automation saves us precious time! Here are some of the ways in which it can affect the business positively in the long run.

    • Eliminates intense (and sometimes) useless paperwork
    • Increases productivity in the business place by reducing chaos!
    • Never miss out on any tasks
    • Increases employee satisfaction
    • Improves purchase process overall and minimizes delays
    • Lessens errors in the PO

By engaging in this process, businesses will improve accuracy, transparency, and productivity. They will be able to gather data in a quicker fashion and record stakeholder information when necessary. The system will also be able to improve customer-staff member interactions.


4. The Usage of 5G

Here are some of the most important features of 5G technology: fast speed, great capacity, reliability, flexibility, lower latency, and improved battery life. Here are some of the benefits and impact that this new technology will have on businesses:

    • Mobile technology will be improved, and customers will have an easier time interconnecting their devices and connecting to various assignment writing services or websites.
    • 5G will help businesses run more efficiently by saving costs and increasing revenue.
    • It will increase access to remote working and thus, widen possibilities for employees. For example, with extremely powerful Wi-Fi, employees will be more likely to work from cafes or from their homes rather than their offices.
    • They’ll industrialize the rural environment.

But there are even more to come. “There are many benefits to having this new 5G technology available for us; companies just have to understand how to maximize their potential and use these advantages in the best sense,” writes a recent EduBirdie review.


5. Competency-Based Education

Not all people learn as quickly as others, so it is important to understand how competency-based education can impact this process and improve it. By using this system, business students will be matched with their level of learning abilities and their experiences will be thus personalized. Their learning process will, therefore, fasten up and turn into a more pleasant and peaceful experience. Students will no longer feel anxious or depressed about their “slow learning pace” because they will follow their own pace. Thus, regardless of the environment that they are in, they will succeed and improve their outcomes, adding to the overall improvement of the business industry.


6. Personalized Medicine

With all the new technology available, medicine is also bound to change. Personalized medicine is one of the newest trends on the market – it focuses on patient engagement and the patient’s needs before anything else. “That is because the medical field has been needing improvement for a long time now – the patients are changing, their diagnoses are changing, and we, therefore, need to consider patients’ need in more depth,” agree medical essay writers at Koney’s. The system should be personalized and always ready to address specific problems.

The new technology will not only encourage communication between patients and doctors but would also promote collaboration between the two parties. For example, using mobile apps to track your health wouldn’t have been possible without this new technological trend. And what benefits come with using this app? Well, for starters, you don’t have to consult your physician for every small issue that you are experiencing or pay an incredible amount of money for only one consultation. Also, people will also save important time if they choose to connect to their app instead of visiting the doctor. Thus, they’ll have more time to invest in business-like activities.


7. Blockchains

The blockchain technology promotes decentralization, immutability, and transparency. Let me explain this to you in less professional terms:

    • Decentralization – this is the core of this new business model, which promotes the idea that business is not only for the one or for the few, but it is a shared network of essential information to which every person should have access to.
    • Immutability –the data that you are adding to any platform can be shared by many individuals online and used accordingly. Therefore, you are promoting a rather diverse and expanding online environment, which is beneficial for any business.
    • Transparency –what does this even mean in the online world? Well, it means that while customers’ identities will be secure, their history of transactions will be easily accessible and quick to make use of, which is a useful tool to have in any business; you will also improve the functionality of your supply chain if you choose to use this one.


Conclusion – Emerging Technologies

As you can tell, there are many changes that will follow this year. Augmented Reality is one of the leading improvements that we will see developing in the business world, while the business model of blockchains will also be more widely used.5G comes with promising outcomes also, while automation will ease up the access to your company. Changes will be seen in other domains as well, such as medicine, where emerging technologies can be not only fastened but also personalized.



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