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Building Your Modern Brand

Modern brand success and the business growth that follows it are entirely dependent on people. This is outlined by Forbes, who notes that a brand is only ever as good as its ability to attract people and, therefore, a consumer base. It’s a simple thought, but one that requires a lot of honing to get just right. That’s because the modern consumer base is becoming ever-wider and is taking on a set of new values. The goal is to make your brand approach inclusive and diverse to show this market that you appreciate them.


Looking at the top level

Ideally, your modern brand can appeal to literally any individual. That’s difficult, however, given the incredible diversity of cultures and backgrounds – how can you hope to appeal to every single person’s needs and requirements? To tackle this, look at how you can approach this problem through inclusion rather than exclusion. When looking at new products for your brand design, have a process that shows at the absolute top level that it must be inclusive. Take any decision that could exclude a group of people extremely seriously – you can even map this out in terms of the steps you might take that could lead to ostracizing a group of people. Work honestly from a ‘blank slate’ perspective, where anyone truly is welcome in your business. According to marketing mag The Drum, this will help you to clearly show self-awareness of your brand and express true values, which will help you in developing your modern brand further.


Expressing care

As outlined by the Harvard Business Review, it’s no longer enough for brands to simply say they care about a cause – they must demonstrate it, too, by being inclusive and anti-discriminatory. That means using ethical labor, not working with exploitative companies, and generally seeking to develop your business in a manner fair for everyone. Mapping can play a key role here. Having a set of rules and guidelines built into your business decision-making will ensure that you always have one eye towards ethical business and social justice, meaning your business shows, as well as says, it cares.


Keeping updated

Diversity is a complex subject that is ever-shifting. By working from a standpoint of including everyone, and always seeking to eliminate discriminatory practices, you’ll have done a lot of work in keeping on top of this demand. However, it’s important to continue your research as you grow. Keep your finger on the pulse of events, both social and economic.
By integrating the inclusive brand standards with annual business planning, you’ll do the very best job you can to represent consumers of all backgrounds, which is essential to building and developing your modern brand.



authored by guest contributor Jennifer Hole


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