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Business Automation Ideas in 2020 For Better Results

Business automation is fast becoming the new trend in business today. It is one way to help your business grow very fast and is something that many big brands and companies already used to increase their efficiency, save time and maximize cost.


It is easy to get carried away with doing many manual jobs that are, maybe, necessary for the smooth running of your business but in the long run, are not economically profitable for the business. But with business automation, you do not have to worry about such duties. This gives you the opportunity to focus your time and energy on the right places in your business, for more growth.


Technology is an important part of the world today. It has in a way, help to bridge the gap between the big brands and small businesses by providing a level ground for all to compete in. Although the big brands still have the technological advantage because they have better funding, startups, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses can also take hold of the technology available to them and grow with it. An example of this is Business Automation.


Gratefully, not only the big players have access to this technology, like in the past. Everyone has access now. So, irrespective of the size of your business, you can use business automation to grow. Here are some parts of your business that needs this technology.


Business Operations

A lot of activities are being carried out on the internet today. The internet is in fact, a place where a lot of things can be accomplished but not everything. There are still many other things that cannot be accomplished on the internet. We have our real lives to live, human relations and other things we have to settle with. That’s why automation is important for your business operations. Examples of business operations that you can automate are:


  • Call centers
  • Employee scheduling
  • Warehouse automation


These operations when done manually can take some expensive time. But with automation, they can be done effortlessly. This will help to increase your efficiency, save more money and streamline the workflow.


There are many other repetitive tasks that are necessary to run the business, but not financially viable. Tasks like that should be automated, so, you have enough time and energy to direct at other parts of the business that needs growth.




No business will survive without marketing. Even the biggest companies still market their products. That’s how important it is.


An important aspect of your business, such as this, needs automation if you are to maximize it. The process involved in marketing, such as collecting, and processing information from your clients and customers, so, you can easily pass across information to them at the right time, and through the right medium are things that automation is there for. With this, you are able to provide timely support for your customers, and this is important to retain them and even gain more. Common examples are email marketing software, CRM system, and chatbots.



Customer Service


Customer satisfaction is an important part of any business. It is impossible to retain and win new customers if you cannot satisfy your customer base. One way to satisfy your customers is through the provision of effective and available customer service. This is actually making the customers your priority.


In fulfilling this business obligation, there are different avenues that you can set up for customers to contact you, like essay writing websites do, such as phone calls, email, webchat, etc. But when your business grows and you have a larger customer base, you will realize that it becomes more difficult to satisfy the customer base. Your timeliness and effectiveness in dealing with customer problems will reduce. That’s where automation comes in.


You don’t have to lose your efficiency and timeliness with growth. You should do better and grow faster with business automation tools such as chatbots to provide your customers with 24/7 customer service.


With advancing technology and improved algorithm, chatbots are becoming more intelligent and are able to provide answers to your customers’ needs by using keywords to search for the appropriate responses. They are also able to chat with multiple people at the same, solving the problem with timeliness and maintaining your customer satisfaction.


Inventory Management


Automating your inventory management saves you a lot of time. Like a resume writer, it automatically deletes, adds or edits product information as is appropriate and also transfers product information to your website quicker than you can.


Using automation to update product information and availability goes a long way in minimizing backorders and canceled orders. This, consequently, improves your customers’ shopping experience.




If you agree to automate the process of marketing to optimize it, then you should automate the sales process as well as for more optimization.


You can always automate the sales process even if you carry out most sales online or you have sales rep to make personal phone calls to make sales.

Like teachers provide assignment writing help for their students, one thing you should know about business automation and business automation tools is that they’re there to help you do better.



Seven Reasons You Should Automate Your Business


  • It cuts down the cost of labor.
  • You are better equipped to adapt to market demands.
  • Your market ROI increases.
  • The allocation of the workforce is optimized.
  • It increases employee and customer satisfaction.
  • It cuts down human-based errors.
  • You’re able to collaborate with your employees better.


Seven Automation Tools to Help You Grow Your Brand.


Below is a list of seven different automation tools that you can use to save time, increase efficiency and grow your brand.


  • Zapier
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Leadformly
  • Buffer or Hootsuite
  • WordStream
  • Calendly




Business automation is like assignment proofreading. You can either choose to do it and do well in your business, grow faster or ignore it and risk doing badly and being left behind. This is 2020, remember?



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