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Capitalize on These Emerging Marketing Trends

Digital strategies rely much on marketing trends and viral news, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for small businesses and big players to convert their prospects into actual buyers. Paying attention to local events is an excellent opportunity for companies to build their brand awareness, expand their target audience and maintain communication with their current consumers.

Thus, it is essential to determine what people you will attract and know which digital tactics are the most suitable for your business line. It will help your business on various levels – from creating a catchy ad to growth in customer interest and, therefore, boost your sales.

Below, you will find some marketing strategies and tips worth considering and implementing into your company’s functioning to make it always relevant to the latest trends.


Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal marketing is an excellent, attention-grabbing tool to target specific, local events throughout the year to reach out to potential customers and maintain communication with your current consumers. There are some ways to capitalize on seasonal marketing.

Adjust To Seasonal SEO Trends

Seasonal SEO means optimizing your content for seasonal keywords or keyword phrases to get more exposure in search engine result pages at a particular period. Usually, it refers to the seasonal sales and the most popular holidays. For example, around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and other similar events, the online traffic increases dramatically. Hence, it is an excellent occasion for businesses to capitalize on offering their customers trending products and experiences.

Plan Ahead

Starting to rank for a specific keyword a couple of days before the holiday will not be efficient, so it is essential to allocate enough time ahead to increase traffic by the big day. You may also consider planting some purchase ideas in your consumers and potential customers’ minds ahead of time to meet the standard of your desirable sales when the season comes.

Rearranging your content plan considering all the seasonal holidays and events in your local area will open up new marketing opportunities to reach out to your target audience. It also will allow you to determine the most business-centric occasions – like Black Friday sales – and prepare relevant marketing campaigns.

Create Event-Related Content

Focusing on enriching your website and social media content by using keywords is a wrong decision that will negatively impact user experience and customer satisfaction. Make sure you are still creating entertaining and educational content for your customers that provides them with relevant information about the events you are referring to.

It may take some time and effort, but your business will only benefit from it in the long run. For example, a comprehensive, well-written web page dedicated to a particular national holiday has all the chances to bring you more traffic year after year.


Experiential (or Engagement) Marketing

According to, “experiential marketing, also called “engagement marketing,” is a marketing strategy that invites an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation.” It is an excellent opportunity for companies to present their products and services to potential customers and their contributions to the community alongside what the brand stands for.

Although such marketing strategies are frequently event-centric, they are unlikely to be called event marketing. Even if it surrounds a particular event (concert, trade fair, workshop, etc.), it still emphasizes the interactions between the customer and the brand, not the type of event.

Experiential marketing provides an active understanding of your product and creates lasting connections with your customers. Indeed, one of the brightest examples of engagement marketing strategy is RedBull’s live stream of the Stratos jump that has set YouTube’s live view record – over eight million viewers. However, it does not mean there are no initiatives affordable for small businesses.

The most popular engagement marketing tactics for small businesses include hosting events, trade shows, events, product sampling events, launching street team marketing campaigns, and not forgetting social media platforms!



You can do so much more than event marketing to make your business grow and provide your prospects with information on relevant topics. Besides, it will allow your brand to become a more reliable resource for users to return again and again.

First of all, optimization is critical. It allows your brand to maintain online relevancy and attract much more traffic during seasonal occasions – like holidays or big sales. Secondly, emphasizing the interaction between your business and customers is one of the best ways to present your product and explain precisely how it solves people’s problems.

It is equally important to distinguish short-lived fads from long-term marketing trends in the first place, evaluate your budget and ensure that your solutions are realistic and will meet your customers’ needs.