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Collaborative Software To Improve Your Marketing Department

Improving the performance of your marketing department should be a top priority. The collaboration and communication of the marketing department team members are crucial for its success. They need to work together to set goals, monitor progress, and push their strategy forward. But this can often be a challenge, especially if the team is remote. Luckily, there are collaborative software tools that can boost their performance.

To help improve your marketing department’s overall success, we’ve put together a list of the best collaborative software tools you can use in 2021. Each comes with a set of features and qualities that might just be what your team needs.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1.     Slack

Slack is among the most popular collaborative software out there, and for a reason. This tool is designed to help any team stay fully connected, well-organized, and efficient.  Your marketing department will be able to use Slack for many activities. Slack comes with amazing features such as:

  • creating channels for specific topics
  • keeping track of the projects you’re involved in 
  • sharing files, links, and images
  • team chat
  • video calling
  • integration with numerous other tools

Slack will definitely help your team work together and accomplish more with less trouble. 

2.     Asana

If your marketing department is big and there are lots of different teams and projects to handle, Asana can help you manage the workload. This software is designed to help teams set and achieve goals.  Asana comes with a specific marketing and creative team solution that understands how stressful or chaotic a marketing department’s workday can get. This solution offers all the features your team needs:

  • setting new objectives and projects
  • setting project deadlines and priorities
  • tracking project progress
  • assign tasks and organize them into minor steps, activities, and goals

This means that marketing teams in charge of digital marketing, data analysis, social media, or anything else, can be easily connected to collaborate across the department.  Simply put, Asana helps your marketing team work better and faster, by eliminating confusion and disorganization.

3.     Podio

Sometimes, simplicity is key. And, with Podio, your marketing department will find it easy to connect and collaborate. 

Podio is collaboration software that comes as both a desktop and a mobile app. It’s customizable and extremely user-friendly which will make it easy for team members to use. 

The features that your marketing team will love include:

  • project management
  • team chat 
  • sharing files
  • tracking progress
  • adding comments
  • giving and receiving feedback

Your marketing department will love using Podio’s simple yet highly efficient interface and will use it to avoid wasting time and energy.

4.     Trello

Trello is another highly efficient and popular collaboration software that your marketing team would find extremely handy and useful. It’s designed to work using:

  • boards
  • lists
  • cards

Each board is created for a specific project and team of people. It uses lists and cards to further explain what the project is about, and what’s expected to be achieved. From there, teams can use other specific features such as setting deadlines, adding tasks and assignments, creating timelines, measuring success, and so much more.

This software will improve your marketing department’s workflow and organization. Plus, it can be integrated with a whole list of other useful tools that your team might already be using.

5.     Flock

Although it’s not as popular as the previous tools on our list, Flock is another brilliant software that offers just as great features and possibilities for your marketing department to improve and grow.

Flock allows your marketing department to organize their work in separate channels, making sure that everyone stays informed on the matters that concern them. 

It also comes with a video conferencing and voice calling feature, which is great for when you want some in-person time with your teammates.

So, Flock covers everything from file sharing to creating calendars, to-do lists, and communicating seamlessly.

6.     Webex

If your marketing department is mostly or fully remote, you may want to focus on a video conferencing software that will ensure your communication flow is impeccable.  Webex is a great choice and here’s why you’ll love it.

Webex is designed to help teams such as your marketing department to:

  • use team messaging
  • hold video conferences
  • use audio calling
  • share screens
  • use file-sharing and whiteboards

It also comes with features that help make every meeting more efficient, such as templates for brainstorming, note-taking, agendas, and more. 

It’s the one-an-all tool for communicating, working together, and keeping everyone close together even if it’s a remote marketing team.

7.     Mural

If you’re in search of a visual collaboration tool for your marketing department, Mural has all the features you’ll need. It comes with a virtual environment that your team gets to work, create, and collaborate in.

It allows people to join live creation session and participate in:

  • brainstorming
  • sharing ideas and note
  • prioritizing tasks
  • creating plans and schedules
  • adding visuals

Mural can make your team meetings more productive and creative, by allowing everyone to participate, even remotely. It allows adding comments and chatting live while doing all the work that needs to be done. 

Final Thoughts

To make your marketing department even better, you have to learn about their needs, issues, and current work atmosphere. Once you learn about the challenges, focus on choosing the best collaborative software for their needs.

Hopefully, the list we’ve shared above will be a useful resource for you to choose a collaboration software that your team will love using.  Choose between or combine some of these amazing tools, and you won’t make a mistake.

Contributed by Guest Author Jessica Fender, who is a copywriter and blogger at EssaySupply with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.