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What It Takes To Be An Effective Leader

An effective leader is someone given the power to lead a group within the context of the group’s purpose. With this power, the leader is responsible for the welfare of the group, the group’s vision, the group’s principles, and motivating the group toward the achievement of the vision.  But what does it take to become an effective leader?


“ Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality & sustain it”

                                                      Bennis & Nanus


The effective leader demonstrates three essential traits.



As a leader, you must live the credibility of your character, including

  • Integrity – honest with trong moral principles
  • Maturity – brings seasoning and experience
  • Empathy – the ability to understand others feelings
  • Discipline – the will to follow through
  • Openness – transaparant intentions
  • Constancy – reliable decision making



As a leader, you must demonstrate the strength of your capability, including

  • High performance – delivers goalas and objectives
  • Intelligence – ability to percieve informance and problem solve
  • Mental toughness – resilient
  • Skilled – capable of taking on the job
  • Knowledgeable – depth and breadth of understanding
  • Willingness to Learn – great student
  • Sets the example – models desired behavior



As a leader, you must sell the conviction of your vision, which is

  • Compelling – a purpose to believe in
  • Focused – unwavering commitment
  • Understandable – accessible by all 
  • Courageous – pashion that leads
  • Worthy – an accomplishment that matters


And finally, the effective leader must move past rhetoric to the reality of change, by

  • Owning the problem
  • Making a difference to someone every day
  • Expecting the best from people
  • Paying the price to do it right
  • Preparing to win
  • Mentoring the team



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