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The Enterprise Roadmap Is The Heart Of Business Mapping

The Enterprise Roadmap (ER) is our recommended first step in Business Enterprise Mapping’s (BEM) engagement with clients. This effort provides our clients an understanding of BEM’s Perigon Method and our approach to process-based management and improvement, while allowing us to understand the current situation, goals and objectives, and to develop the scope of enterprise systems and processes to be mapped.

The ER is a two to five-day event that consists of a series of half-day team interviews with leadership and staff knowledgeable about how work gets accomplished in the organization. Our Program Directors discuss a range of topics, and define processes, ownership, boundaries, customers, inputs/outputs, major improvement opportunities, timelines and budgets.

The primary activities of the Enterprise Roadmap are as follows.

  • Review relevant information prior to the onsite event.
  • Provide a brief orientation.
  • Fully understand the purpose and objectives of leadership.
  • Facilitate sessions with the leadership team to identify the business processes contained within each business system and to capture the following additional basic information about each process:
    • Process owner
    • Process purpose
    • Process boundaries
    • Primary suppliers and inputs
    • Primary customers and outputs
    • Most significant problems and improvement opportunities
    • Process maturity
    • Identify potential process rationalization opportunities.
    • Discuss priorities and opportunities with leadership.
    • Present a brief on-site summary of findings.
    • Deliver a final report one week later.


The deliverables of the Enterprise Roadmap are summarized following.


Business System Diagram

Completed for each defined system and its processes. The diagram will include identified processes, main suppliers and inputs, main customers and outputs, and process and system boundaries.


System Opportunity Matrix

Summarized problems and opportunities captured during facilitated workshops. This represents the most critical improvement opportunities identified by leadership and staff.


Business System and Process Owner 

Identified for each of the five business systems and processes within each system.


Maturity Level.

A maturity level assessment of each Business System.


Leadership Review 

Provided on site on the last day. 


Enterprise Roadmap Report 

Delivered within one week of the on-site visit to include the deliverables above, as well as findings, recommendations, next steps and an implementation plan for building and implementing process improvement.


Interested in discussing the development of an Enterprise Roadmap?