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How to Improve the Employee Experience

When it comes to our employees, we want nothing more than to have all members of the team engaged and enthusiastic in their work. But what can you do to improve employee experience in your workplace? Make sure your team feels heard at work and check in with them regularly to make them feel comfortable and provide them with a space to talk about any concerns they may have. Training your staff well will increase their confidence in their skills which will push them to engage more at work. Read on to find out how else you can improve the employee experience.

Listen to your team
Regular team meetings are an excellent way to make sure that staff are feeling heard and valued in the workplace. Organize a weekly ‘catch-up’ session to allow employees to let you know what’s going on both at work and in their personal lives (if they want to share!) and make sure you are showing them that you have time to listen to them and that you care. 

As well as department or company-wide meetings (dependent on the size of your company you may choose to go for either), it is advisable to set up meetings every month or two with each employee to have a one to one catch up and create a time and space to hear any complaints or worries they may have.

As well as meetings, why not implement a suggestion box system to allow employees to anonymously share any ideas they have to better the company or share any concerns they have. This can be a great way to engage with quieter employees and encourage them to engage more without feeling as though they are being put on the spot in front of the whole office.

Offer employee benefits
Another thing you could do to try to improve employee experience in your business is to offer employee benefits. Employee benefits can be anything from free food in the office to unlimited paid holidays or a hybrid working environment. Taking steps to improve the working environment for your staff is a great way to boost engagement, as a happier employee is almost certain to be more engaged in the workplace. Consider asking your staff what would mean the most to them in terms of benefits and include a mix of day-to-day benefits with longer-term ones. For example, providing free hot drinks in the office can be a great way to boost morale in the short term, while an increase in the number of sick days employees are allowed to take each year can help employees to feel calmer and as though their health is more valued by their employer. You can look for a platform to integrate employee benefits.

Implement regular staff training sessions

Training your staff well in their first few weeks at the company is a great way to start any employee off on the right track and improve the employee experience, but as well as this it is important to offer regular training sessions. Whether you are training staff up on new skills or reinforcing old but important skills that are used often in the workplace, nothing is more valuable than good training. Not only will you feel more confident that your employees know what they are doing, but they will feel more comfortable and certain in their skills too. This will encourage engagement and active discussion in the workplace and having confidence in their skills will make employees much more willing and enthusiastic when it comes to workplace engagement.