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Improve Employee Engagement With Business Process Mapping

Are you getting the most out of your organization’s process mapping efforts? Most business analysts create process maps by interviewing employees. They then take back what they learn to their office and create what they understand is the process. What they’re missing is a major organizational opportunity by having employee engagement in creating their own process maps.

At Business Enterprise Mapping (BEM), we believe that process mapping is best executed by involving those who do the work to define, analyze and improve how their work is completed. We execute our proprietary Perigon Method of process mapping and from the beginning of the experience, we actively involve employees at all levels of the organization in workshops and discussions, capturing employee feedback and engaging them in the process. We think this method of process mapping improves employee engagement and benefits the organization.

Business Process Mapping Improves Employee Engagement.  Here’s why.

Process Mapping Builds a Worthwhile Purpose.

Employees want to know their job matters. A major weakness in many employee involvement efforts is the lack of identification of important problems to solve, leaving employees feeling like their efforts don’t make a difference and management doesn’t value their input.   By including employees in process mapping, leaders are purposefully addressing the work of that employee and involving them directly in the solution. The result is an increase in employee engagement and the stakeholders understand how their job fits into the larger business system.

Process Mapping Encourages Story Sharing.

Our workshops often offer the first time employees can tell someone how they do their job. They’re encouraged to explain the process from beginning to end. It is a powerful motivator to getting engagement from teams and often leads to natural conversations about how work can be done more efficiently and effectively.

Process Mapping Breaks Down Barriers.

Too often we see organizations whose departments have never spoken to one other or the communication takes place only at the highest levels of the organization. These departmental silos cause barriers to workflow. Because process mapping tracks inputs from suppliers through series of tasks that deliver outputs to a customer, most business processes cross over these organization boundaries.   Process mapping teams attack boundaries looking for ways to overcome these barriers to improvement. The result is often the formation of new teams to implement process improvements. It’s wonderful to see people with different backgrounds, who may have otherwise never met, coming together for the first time for a common purpose.

Process Mapping Builds Skills.

In every project, we see that “aha” moment when employees finally understand the very powerful world of business process thinking and its capability to deliver better organizational performance. They’re able to use new education, training, and skills to change the face of their organization. Our Program Directors provide targeted training for process teams in process-based management, process analysis tools, information gathering methods, responsibility analysis, and process deployment, valuable skills employees retain for the rest of their careers.  

When employees have a voice in how their work is done, they are often more motivated and engaged in the process. Not only does process mapping provide a very powerful analytical tool, it also provides a very powerful employee engagement opportunity that forms the foundation for sustainable employee satisfaction and performance well into the future.

Business process mapping can improve your organization’s external, customer-facing operations, but on a personal level, it can also help you become a better leader within your company. How can process mapping make you a better manager? Check out our recent blog post to find out.

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