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8 Tips for Increasing Brand Exposure & Connecting with Customers

Without customers, businesses and brands would not be able to survive. Having a strong, loyal, and expanding customer base is an essential element of any successful business. In order to gain this following, you need to connect with both existing and potential customers and increase your brand exposure. Exposing people to your brand helps you build awareness of your product or service and increases the likelihood of them remembering your business in the future. Social media has taken over how the world networks with others. If you are looking for ways that will help you connect with your customers and increase your business exposure, then look no further.  

1.     Facebook and Instagram

People nowadays spend a large proportion of their time scrolling through social media, making this one of the most effective ways of increasing your exposure and connecting with customers. Having business accounts on both Facebook and Instagram means you can connect to multiple demographics, interact with customers directly and post regular updates. There are many different methods to social media marketing that will allow you to build a bridge between your brand and customers while also reaching a much wider audience.

2.     Consistent Branding

A key tip for increasing exposure is using consistent branding. For your customers to be able to recognize you, you should always use the same logo on all of your advertisements, emails, post and for all of your social media accounts. No matter whether you are sending an email, writing a letter or creating an advertisement, you should always use the same tone and style of writing throughout. Basically, you need to create an image for your business. However, consistency isn’t only about your look; it is also about your connections with customers. Be consistent about when you post updates, send out emails and letters, and make any other announcements. 

3.     Mail Channels  

While posting on social media allows you to communicate with your current customers, build awareness and increase your exposure, mailing is also a useful tool. Sending out email reminders and updates will remind your current customers of your business, but the effectiveness of offline connections cannot be overlooked either. Automated direct mail takes the hassle out of sending physical print to customers. If you want to learn more about automated direct mail, visit Lob. They allow you to send postcards, letters, and other print through a less saturated channel of communication. You can even connect this to your online presence by setting up triggers that send out something in print to the customer. This connects you with your customers and increases both your exposure and the likelihood of people recalling your business.

4.     Competitions and Giveaways 

This can be done through physical handouts or online, and both will help you to connect with your customers and increase your brand exposure. Competitions and giveaways are a great way to get people actively involved and engaged with your content, especially if they have to do something to enter. Everyone loves winning and getting something for free, so they will jump at the chance to enter, especially if the entry requirements are simple and easy. With competitions and giveaways, you can double up connecting with customers and increasing exposure by having the entry involve people referring a friend, tagging them in comments, or sharing your content on their social media.

5.     Retargeting and Rereleasing 

When you are scrolling through social media, flicking through a magazine or newspaper, or watching television, sometimes you zone out and advertisements just pass you by, especially when there are so many different brands, products, and services all trying to grab your attention at once. People that pass by your ad aren’t necessarily lost customers; it may just not be the right time for them to have a deeper look into what you are offering. By retargeting or rereleasing your brand, you are increasing your exposure by reminding customers that you are there and what you can do for them. This can cause a peak in interest for both new customers and help you connect with existing customers by allowing them influence over your release and retargeting – ask them how you could improve and what they want to see from you and respond to this effectively. 

6.     Brand Exposure, Ambassadors and Influencers

Sometimes people find it much easier to connect with a real-life person rather than a business account, which is where brand ambassadors and influencers come in. You can do this by reaching out to social media influencers with a large following that aligns with your business morals and vision and ask them to promote your business on their account for something in exchange, whether it be payment or your service or product for free. Alternatively, to provide a human connection for your customers with extensive knowledge of your brand and your mission, turn your employees into brand ambassadors on social media. Each time they post about the brand, your exposure increases, and they are able to answer any queries or questions people may have more than adequately. 

The more people that see, interact and connect with your brand, the larger your customer base, loyalty, and business success.