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Who Would Benefit From Process Mapping for Process Improvement Certification?

Perigon Process Improvement Certification is a powerful organizational improvement tool.   For almost 25 years, Business Enterprise Mapping has partnered with more than 300 enterprises covering 60 industries across 6 continents to map 25,000 business processes, address 750,000 improvement opportunities and obtain over 50 international certifications to transform how clients create customer value, solve problems and manage work. BEM works with client employees to build business maps that define, improve, align, and deploy more efficient and effective workflows.  We believe that those who do the work are best positioned to improve the work. Together we build Business Management Systems that deliver impressive and sustainable performance improvement.  

What sets BEM apart is our proprietary and highly effective Perigon Method. By solely mapping client businesses for 25 years, we have developed and refined a very efficient and effective set of tools that help clients gain incredible insights into their business. A Perigon Process Improvement Certification equips in-house process improvement professionals to fully implement The Perigon Method.





The Perigon Method is Uniquely Effective.

Through our client engagement process that “teaches employees to fish,” The Perigon Method develops ownership and accountability that delivers lasting change, through four components:    

The Perigon® Method,

1. Establishes reliable, consistent, efficient, and effective business systems and processes.

2. Engages and develops client employees to understand, manage, and improve their own work.

3. Provides proven tools that deliver fast results.

4. Captures, categorizes, prioritizes, and systematically addresses improvement opportunities.

5. Incorporates customer understanding and requirements.

6. Develops meaningful performance measurements and feedback.

7. Implements and regularly monitors ongoing process improvement.

Perigon drives performance improvement through focused accountability, greater customer value, cost savings, increased productivity, revenue growth, lead-time reduction, improved quality, and alignment to strategy. Our methodology provides significant tangible benefits, including increased profitability, improved stakeholder satisfaction, and reduced corporate risk.


Perigon Process Improvement Certification is for Professionals.

The Perigon Method is for professionals who want to acquire a better business mapping methodology for defining, improving, and aligning business processes through connected business management systems that align with overall enterprise strategy. In particular, this certification will benefit process improvement professionals, who are currently using swim lane diagrams or other more limited mapping tools and desire a more robust and effective method for driving enterprise improvement alignment through a proven, systematic method.


Perigon Practitioners Make a Real Difference

Certified Perigon Practitioners acquire a unique view of workflow and a powerful set of workshops and tools to globally assess and improve enterprise performance. Perigon Practitioners know how to,

 1. Define business systems and processes

 2. Map business system and processes real-time

 3. Capture and categorize enterprise knowledge

 4. Engage people to document and improve their work.

 5. Define customer value.

 6. Benchmark process performance.

 7. Uncover hidden improvement opportunities.

 8. Break down organization silos

 9. Sustainably improve the business.

10. Deliver tangible improvement & return on investment


Perigon Practitioners are More Valuable to their Organization

Professionals with a Perigon Process Improvement Certification are fast trackers that become key members of the executive team. They acquire a unique and valuable understanding of the organization that makes them invaluable team members. Perigon Practitioners offer their leadership,

 1. Powerful facilitation skills.

 2. Broad knowledge of how the organization operates.

 3. Understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

 4. Knowledge of business improvement needs and priorities.

 5. Understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of management.

 6. Organization measurement keys and the current levels of performance

 7. Unique insights into customer value at all levels

 8. Peer respect earned from excellent people and problem-solving skills

 9. The ability to cross-organization boundaries

10. A powerful view of the big picture


Perigon Fits Seamlessly with Lean Six Sigma

Our LSS clients who are experienced process improvement leaders have found that the Perigon System is a great addition to their personal toolkit because it helps them accelerate and magnify ongoing process improvement results. As complementary tools, LSS and Perigon together provide a powerful capability to address the most difficult organization problems through engaging, structured, and insightful analysis. Perigon adds a far more robust business mapping tool that increases the effective application of LSS.


Process Mapping for Process Improvement Delivers Real Benefit

Perigon provides an ongoing significant tangible improvement, including focused accountability, greater customer value, cost savings, increased productivity, revenue growth, lead-time reduction, improved quality, greater customer value, and alignment to strategy. Here are eight ways Perigon improvement delivers valuable benefit to an organization. 

Improve employee loyalty. Not only does Perigon provide a very powerful analytical tool, it also provides a very beneficial employee engagement opportunity that forms the foundation for sustainable employee loyalty that delivers powerful results well into the future.

Improve customer loyalty. Customer value is in the eye of the perceiver and by systematically studying customer wants and needs, an organization can build robust business processes that consistently meet those needs and deliver a significant competitive advantage over time. 

Improve business partner loyalty. As the trend toward outsourcing continues to grow, treating key suppliers as business partners becomes far more important to a successful enterprise value proposition. 

Grow revenues. Revenue growth comes from one of three sources, new customers, higher prices, or greater sales to current customers.   All three of these sources are directly impacted by the quality of business processes that produce those outcomes. 

Reduce expenses. Expense reductions are the area most typically thought of when considering process mapping.  Expense reductions can be found in the firm’s cost of goods sold, including materials, labor, and overhead, as well as operating and support costs.

Reduce asset costs. By not building, managing and continually improving business processes, an organization spends more dollars on other assets that underperform relative to their full potential. 

Reduce working capital. By studying process reliability and level of match-up in supplier – customer relationships, an organization is capable of minimizing the working capital required to satisfy customer needs.

Reduce enterprise risk. A Perigon Playbook represents an excellent method to capture the workflow in any business, as well as the additional information and knowledge necessary to support the operational execution.


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