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Process Mapping for Process Improvement Training, May 10-13, 2022

Do any of these opportunities impact your Company?

  • Difficult to solve performance problems across departments
  • A complicated workflow that needs to be simplified and automated
  • Third-party compliance risks and challenges
  • Controlling rapid business growth
  • Assessing and merging an acquisition
  • The desire to implement best practices

You and your team can now make solving problems like these the norm in your business – by becoming Certified In Process Mapping using the Perigon Method.

Business Enterprise Mapping (BEM) is now certifying a select group of qualified professionals in the highly effective Perigon Method. Perigon is a process mapping methodology that uniquely diagnoses and uncovers process improvement opportunities that are otherwise hidden.

The Perigon Method delivers substantial and sustainable performance improvement and return on investment. As a Perigon Certified Practitioner, you know how to assess an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, rapidly improve any part of the business, break down organizational barriers to create alignment across departments, and become a key leadership team member.

The Perigon Method provides you with a structured methodology, facilitation knowledge, technical skills, and specific, effective, and proprietary software tools. You will learn to quickly map business processes, diagnose process performance, capture and prioritize improvement opportunities, assess customer value, and develop actionable performance improvement plans that yield measurable results.

With Process Mapping for Process Improvement Training, you know how to:

  • Get real employee engagement to improve the business
  • Identify the correct process owner and team
  • Define a process quickly
  • Assess customer and supplier alignment
  • Detail process knowledge requirements
  • Analyze processes for improvement opportunities
  • Identify and prioritize improvements
  • Implement quick wins
  • Develop and implement process improvement plans.      

Invest 4 days. You’ll get classroom training, energetic practical workshops, a thorough understanding of process-based workflow, and powerful tools, templates, and other materials. Most importantly, you’ll know how to lead teams toward lasting organizational change using our proven method.

The Perigon Method has delivered incredible results in thousands of processes in hundreds of businesses. Now we’d like to teach you how to do the same for your organization.

Ready to register? Great! Here’s a link to get you started.

Interested but need more information? Process Mapping for Process Improvement is not a “quick and easy” fix. Lasting solutions rarely are. What we offer works in a way that sticks and delivers lasting benefit. We would be happy to answer your questions or discuss your specific challenges. 


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