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Using Process Mapping To Promote Health And Improve Performance

More than half of employers who implemented wellness programs saw a decrease in absenteeism and 66% reported increased productivity. Implementing these types of programs is part of a successful business mapping solution. Business mapping is an essential part of any improvement strategy, but ensuring that the various steps and functions can be carried out properly depends on the health and engagement of the team doing the work. Investing in and encouraging healthy habits amongst team members is a key component of becoming a better manager at any level, and one that can pay off in your own professional development as well.  Every organization can use process mapping to promote health.



Benefits of a Healthy Workforce


Before diving into how to incorporate healthy practices into a business map, it’s important to first understand why these healthy practices are so crucial to a top-performing, productive team. Experts from Harvard confirm that companies that contribute to improving the country’s health care outlook find themselves at a competitive advantage. Furthermore, investing in the health of your employees is touted as a smart business move, whether you’re the CEO or a mid-level manager, simply due to the fact that employees who feel like their company is investing in them are less likely to leave, which leads to a reduction in turnover. Whether this means educating your employees about the dangers of various supplements or investing in their health and wellbeing by providing access to personal training programs and mindfulness retreats, statistics clearly show that the investment pays off. 



Integrating Healthy Practices into a Process Map


It’s actually quite easy to promote healthy habits that encourage productivity. As a manager who is currently utilizing or looking to implement a business process map, you have the tools you need at your fingertips. Before embarking on any project, there is undeniable value in adopting a process mapping strategy, and it begins by identifying improvement goals and developing a plan. Whether you’re currently utilizing a process map to enhance team performance or not, you can easily integrate healthy practices into the process by also working to identify how you’d like to improve the health of your team and develop a plan to do so. This is simple, as health metrics are generally easy to track and can provide you with the data you need to invest back into the health of your team and their general performance.



Use Process Mapping to Promote Health From the Beginning


Employees are the most valuable part of any business, and investing your time and money into their personal and professional growth will increase their productivity and enhance their engagement. By utilizing process mapping to promote health, integrating these functional framework processes is actually easy to do and should be done from the beginning. Doing so will promote a healthy lifestyle and mindset, both physically and professionally, that will encourage your employees to stay on top of their own wellbeing while investing in the wellbeing of the company.


by guest contributor Jennifer Hole



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