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Why Your Business Needs an Online Presence

Many small businesses lack an online presence. They neglect the importance of digital marketing, considering it too expensive. However, building an online presence can boost your business in multiple ways, from attracting customers to boosting profits.  Here are some of its benefits. 


Building a Memorable Brand

With the growth of digital marketing, building a strong and memorable brand is easier than ever. Customers interact with your business continuously via your website, email, social networks, digital content, and ads. That increases brand awareness and memorability.  The goal is to increase brand consistency in the digital landscape. Hiring the right digital marketing will help you build a recognizable online brand. It should include content marketers, graphic designers, social media marketers, photographers, etc.


Growing Industry Credibility

In today’s overcrowded business landscape, brands need to focus on building trust with target audiences.  That is where digital marketing helps. Let’s take the example of content marketing. By creating high-quality, informative, and helpful content, you will position yourself as an authoritative industry player. By understanding the value of your digital content, customers will trust you more. 

The same applies to social media marketing. For example, turn your Facebook account into a growing online community. Encourage customers to ask questions and express (dis)satisfaction with your brand. Provide fast feedback to prove that you are listening to them.

Finally, online reviews, customer testimonials, and influencer recommendations are a powerful way to gain customer trust and boost sales. According to surveys, customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 


Humanizing Your Brand

Customers do not trust brands that seem distant, arrogant, and unapproachable. Digital marketing changes that, allowing you to show the human side of your brand. For example, you can add the “Our Team” section to your website. That is where you will share your team members’ biographies and photos.  You can also use social networks. For example, when an employee reaches a milestone or celebrates an anniversary at your company, why not share their photo and praise them publicly? Give your customers a peek into your offices by providing behind-the-scenes photos and videos. 


Delivering Spotless Customer Service

Today, customer relationship management is not all about phone calls or back-and-forth emails. In today’s hyperconnected, mobile-first era, meeting customers where they are at is your top priority.   Most online users now interact with brands via social media feeds, live chat, bots, and real-time messaging apps. By building an online presence, you can boost exceptional customer service.

  • Live chat humanizes interactions with customers. It makes them more natural and relaxed. Instead of sending formal emails, customers feel like they are chatting with a friend.
  • AI-driven chatbots are taking customer experiences to a whole new level. First, they provide relevant, 24/7 feedback, irrespective of a customer’s location. 
  • With social media monitoring tools, you can track your brand mentions, measure customer sentiment, and provide faster feedback.

CPR Savers is a great example of seamless customer service. If a customer wants to purchase a CPR mannequin on their site, they can see detailed product descriptions, read customer testimonials, and connect with a brand directly via live chat.


Gaining Business Exposure

Today, customers do not rely on Yellow Pages to find new businesses. They use Google.  By building a website and optimizing it for organic searches, you will put yourself in front of the right audiences. Social networks, online business listings, industry-specific forums, and Google My Business are just some of the numerous ways to increase business visibility.  Paid ads are perfect for startups and small businesses. They allow you to boost exposure in the competitive Google SERPs faster.


Measuring Marketing Effectiveness Is Easier

The best thing about building an online presence is that you can measure it. With digital marketing tools, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your online brand. That way, you will understand your target audience better and update your online marketing campaigns on the run.  Before you start tracking your digital presence, set clear goals and KPIs, then choose the right metrics to track. Do not get overwhelmed by measuring hundreds of irrelevant metrics that tell you nothing about your brand’s digital presence.


Ready to Build an Online Presence?

In 2021, building an online presence is not optional. It is necessary for any business planning to boost exposure, attract new customers, and build strong relationships in the long run.  How has your online presence benefited your business? 





Guest author Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. She loves to share content that can inform people.