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Your Small Enterprise Deserves Business Process Mapping, And Here’s Why

While sole proprietors and micro enterprises rely on the simplicity of their organization type, there are benefits to introducing business process mapping on a small scale. With nearly 23 million sole proprietorships across the U.S., it’s important that these businesses function optimally as they provide quite a bit of stimulation to the economy. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean implementing the full Perigon Method, but definitely parts of it.


Simplicity in The Workplace

It’s not unusual to see a sole proprietor or the owner of a small operation running around frantic while trying to keep all the balls in the air. This is because they’re the person performing the task, they’re the receptionist, PA, and in many instances, even the bookkeeper. This can all take a toll on a business and when it’s not within the business means to employ someone to take over even just one of those tasks, the bulk of the burden will rest on the owner. With a proper process flow, however, these tasks can be managed a little more effectively to ensure that all tasks of the day are mapped out. While Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) may have worked before, these were unyielding and not easy to adapt to smaller enterprises.


The Potential to Boost Income

There are two levers that business process mapping system pull, and those are productivity and cost-cutting. When a business owner can focus on increasing their productivity while at the same time being able to identify key areas where they’re bleeding resources, they can increase their revenue and profits. For small business owners, the appeal in working for themselves often springs from the desire to spend more time with their families. Productivity plays a big role in ensuring that the entrepreneur gets to run their business with maximum efficacy to ensure they can keep reasonable hours.


Finding System Inefficiencies

Whether it’s relying on old gear or still making use of outdated systems, business owners should invest part of their earnings into system and gear upgrades. For the micro enterprise, this is critical to the operations of the business as they often don’t have a backup system like larger companies do. While it’s not necessary to change up with every new gimmick, it’s important that old gear doesn’t mess with the business operations.


Your Small Enterprise Deserves Business Process Mapping

Business mapping should be part of every business, irrespective of their size as the challenges that face businesses can often be classified into the same categories. While not all business mapping processes will be relevant to all small or micro businesses, there is a lot to learn from business process mapping.

by guest contributor Jennifer Hole


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