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Business Process Infographics

6 Ways to Measure a Business Process 3.0

6 Ways to Measure a Business Process

All good measurement includes effectiveness and efficiency of course, but best practice process measurement includes so much more!

10 Top Reasons 3.0

10 Top Reasons for Broken Processes

Business Enterprise Mapping summarizes its almost 30 years of business process experience into the main reasons business processes are broken.

A Best Practice Business Process

Regardless of shape, size, industry, or type, the fundamental principles of business process performance remains unchanged.

Adding Perigon to Six Sigma4

How the Perigon Method Enhances Lean Six Sigma

The Perigon Method redefines an organization according to its workflow and knowledge requirements, providing LSS with the prioritzed improvement opportunities that drive superior a value proposition and customer experience.

Customer Value Assessment

Customer Value Assessment

The Customer Value Assessment is a set of criteria across four categories that captures a customer’s wants, needs or expectations. Using these criteria, organizations gain insight into the customer’s perception of their value proposition.

Faster Better Cheaper

Faster, Better Cheaper

BEM provides Faster (as little as 2 weeks), Better (process playbooks) and Cheaper (efficient workshop delivery) workflow documentation and improvement.

How to Build a Loyal Customer

How to Build a Loyal Customer

The value proposition describes the customer, their painful problem, your unique solution that solves their problem and the customer's net benefit derived from that solution.

Perigon vs SOPs

Perigon vs SOPs

The Perigon Method is a superior approach to documenting an organization's workflow.