Business Process White Papers

Challenge the Way You Think About Work AGAIN!

This is the classic Business Enterprise Mapping white paper that challenges traditional organization design.


The Business Case for Implementing Perigon

Using Perigon, business process mapping can deliver a spectacular return on investment. Find out how.


Change Management Plan Template

Ready to be a change agent? Our change management template will help you implement a winning strategy.


Driving Lasting Process Improvement in Police Departments

Business Enterprise Mapping has been improving process performance in Police Departments for over 10 years.


How to Measure What Matters in Your Organization

Do you wonder if you’re measuring what’s most important to your organization… and how do you know if you are improving performance with those measurements?


Why Process Management Delivers Superior Performance

Process Management delivers substantial performance improvement over traditional organizational structures. Download our management brief to find out how


Business Process Improvement Checklist

Significant and sustainable Business Process Improvement is achievable through a simple, standard methodology that can be systematically deployed.


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