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What Faster Better
Cheaper Means

Business Enterprise Mapping is an international, boutique consulting services firm based in Phoenix Arizona that offers,

  • A sole focus on process mapping & improvement.
  • Extensive experience from mapping 300 enterprises in 60 industries since 1993.
  • Best practices developed in all departments, functions & staff.


  • Delivered in 2 weeks to 90 days Workshop-based team problem solving
  • Immediate quick wins identified
  • Interactive, real-time mapping
  • Deliverables produced in every workshop




  • Penetrating & insightful diagnostics
  • Full staff engagement & ownership
  • Easy to understand maps & diagrams
  • Best practices intellectual leadership
  • Readily available examples


  • Cheaper
  • Less time on site, we don’t linger
  • Projects scheduled by hour, by day
  • Every project is fixed price
  • Fast transition to client ownership