BEM’s Process
Improvement Methodology


Perigon Delivery is a process improvement methodology comprised of four phases, collectively delivering an approach that defines, builds, and substantially improves process workflow in any organization.

Through Perigon Delivery’s structured, facilitated, and field-tested workshops, BEM Program Directors engage client personnel to build business system diagrams and process playbooks that deliver faster, better, and cheaper results. Perigon Delivery is a process improvement methodology that has no peers.

Enterprise Roadmap

Phase One

The Perigon Method provides a business architecture that is designed specifically for process-based definition, management, and improvement. This is an essential organizing principle for all high performing organizations, regardless of industry, company size, or business type.

Perigon Playbook

Phase Two

The Perigon Playbook is a robust, three-dimensional manual that contains all organization knowledge of a process. An organization uses Perigon Playbooks to define, analyze and deploy business processes, continually improving them to drive best practice performance that delivers competitive advantage.

System Deployment

Phase Three

System Deployment delivers the implementation, problem-solving and ongoing monitoring of continually improving business processes. Our clients rapidly deploy substantially improved processes within 90 days and have the structure in place to sustain improvements toward the System’s strategic goals.

Enterprise Alignment

Phase Four

Enterprise Alignment integrates business processes, business systems, and organization strategy to deliver aligned execution. Enterprise opportunities are captured and prioritized, an enterprise scorecard is established, and improvement plans are integrated and aligned to strategy.

“Those who do the work should define and
improve the work.”


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