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Perigon Process Improvement Certification is a five-day course that instructs the student how to perform process improvement and knowledge analysis for a Perigon Playbook. The one-week course, Process Mapping Certification, is a prerequisite. The Process Improvement Certification course includes a final Friday exam. Upon successful completion of the course, the student becomes a Perigon Process Improvement Practitioner giving them the skills, tools (Perigon Visio add-on library) and license to develop complete Perigon Process Playbooks in their organization using The Perigon Method. Students must come to class with their own laptop loaded with Microsoft Visio 2016 or higher.

In Process Improvement Certification, students learn to detail the Perigon Map, including knowledge, information, value analysis, RACI and metrics that allow process owners to simplify processes, release their processes in a state of control, develop and deliver a process improvement plan for sustainable improvement.

What You
Will Learn.

  • Develop the Information Matrix to determine the information requirements of the process, such as task instructions, forms, and specifications.
  • Develop the Metrics Matrix to determine the measures that will be used to improve the performance of the process.
  • Develop the Value Analysis Matrix to determine the value of each element in the process.
  • Develop a RACI Matrix to evaluate organizational roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop the Opportunity Matrix to evaluate opportunities for valid and detailed problem statements, and to prioritize, classify and determine status.
  • Complete the Deployment Readiness Checklist, which, when achieved, confirms the process is ready to release and follow in a controlled state.
  • Develop a Process Improvement Plan that includes improvement goals, actions to be taken, responsibilities, and implementation date.

Who Should Attend


Any professional who wants to acquire a better process mapping and improvement methodology for defining, improving and aligning business processes with overall enterprise strategy. In particular, this certification will benefit process improvement professionals (such as those who have attained Lean Six Sigma certification), those who are currently using swim lane diagrams or other more limited mapping tools and desire a more robust and effective process based method for driving enterprise improvement. Process Improvement Certification is the second of two Perigon Certification courses and supplies the skills and knowledge necessary to build The Perigon Playbook. The Perigon Process Mapping Certification Course, which provides skills and knowledge to build The Perigon Map, is a prerequisite.

What You Will Take Away


As a Perigon Certified Practitioner, you will know how to assess an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, rapidly improve any part of the business, break down organizational barriers to create alignment across departments, and become a key leadership team member.

The Perigon Method provides you with structured methodology, facilitation knowledge, technical skills, and specific, effective, and proprietary software tools. You will learn to quickly map business processes, diagnose process performance, capture and prioritize improvement opportunities, assess customer value, and develop actionable performance improvement plans that yield measurable results.

Jun 8-12, 2020
Nov 2-6, 2020
$2,995 per course


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