Process Mapping Supporting A Business Plan Will Make You Better

A business plan lays the foundation of your organization, what it’s looking to achieve, and the possible journey to success. Once all of this has been set in stone, the framework needs to be built. With different components and areas of expertise coming into play, it's critical to ensure everyone’s on the same page and understands how to move forward. Business process mapping does precisely...

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How to Post Resume Skills

If you don’t focus on improving the skills section of your resume, you lose the opportunity to demonstrate to employers why you’re suitable for the advertised job. Hiring managers are always searching for pertinent competencies. You may have labored for hours in perfecting the experience section of your resume, but if you don’t put much weight on your skills section, you lose the chance of...

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How Best to Manage Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is an essential component of maintaining the fluidity of business operations. It represents the process of gathering, cataloging, and preserving sensitive business information thus ensuring its continuous availability to relevant entities for ensuring company growth. Having in mind that the biggest portion of business information is relayed via email – 97% – in...

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