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Business Enterprise Mapping offers individual certification in The Perigon Method, the most comprehensive and effective business process and system mapping method available anywhere. The Perigon Method has continued to evolve through client-based, hands-on implementation experience, and regular feedback. Perigon aligns knowledge, processes, and workflow to the overall business enterprise. This is a 5-day course that includes a final exam on Friday. Upon successful completion of the course, the student becomes a Perigon Process Mapping Practitioner giving them the skills, tools (a Visio add-on library) and a full license to develop process maps within their organization using The Perigon Method. Students must bring their own laptop to class loaded with Microsoft Visio 2016.

Perigon Method

  • A more understandable, usable, and versatile map than any process documentation method available today.
  • The fastest, most efficient and most effective way to define and deploy business processes.
  • Engages employees to define and improve their own processes.
  • Builds process alignment throughout the organization.
  • Creates a sustainable system of organization performance improvement.


The Perigon Method Certification Whitepaper


Perigon Will Make You More Valuable


Perigon delivers process improvement solutions that work. Our nearly 25 years of experience has taught us that over 70% of all improvement opportunities are directly related to broken business processes. Most processes are undefined, missing metrics, loaded with non-value added activities, disconnected to customers and lacking accountability. Reliable and capable processes make high performing business execution possible.

The Perigon® Method is a powerful and proven mapping methodology that,

  • Establishes reliable, consistent, efficient and effective processes.
  • Engages and develops client employees to understand, manage and improve their own processes and systems.
  • Provides proven tools that deliver fast results.
  • Captures, categorizes, prioritizes and systematically addresses improvement opportunities.
  • Incorporates customer understanding and requirements.
  • Develops meaningful performance measurements and feedback.
  • Implements and regularly monitors ongoing process improvement.
  • Perigon Method Benefits

    The Perigon Method creates current state process maps, captures process improvement opportunities, develops a first pass customer value assessment, benchmarks beginning performance, identifies quick win improvements and delivers a 90-day process improvement plan. In Certification, students will learn how to,

  • Train Process Owners, including the Orientation Session plus additional workshop training.
  • Develop Current State Process Maps, using BEM’s unique and effective mapping tools to develop and deploy standard processes.
  • Identify Red Clouds, which are process improvement opportunities identified by Process Teams during mapping workshops. Red Clouds are placed directly on process maps in proximity to the tasks where they occur.
  • Conduct System Alignment Workshop, an interactive workshop where individual process maps are evaluated for connectivity between processes within a business system. The purpose of the System Alignment Workshop is to evaluate and troubleshoot organizational silos and alignment disconnects.
  • Perform a Customer Value Assessment (CVA), which evaluates the main customer’s wants and needs across four performance dimensions.
  • Develop a Quick Wins Matrix, which identifies improvement opportunities that are within the authority of the Process Owner to implement within 90 days.
  • Build a Rapid Improvement Plan, including actions to be taken, responsibilities, and implementation schedule for the first 90 day.s
  • UPCOMING DATES Feb 3-7, 2020 Mar 2-6, 2020 Apr 27 - May 1, 2020 Aug 3-7, 2020 Oct 5-9, 2020 $4,995 per course REGISTER

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