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Our Process Mapping Journey

What happens when an electrical engineer is asked to document workflow?

He invents The Perigon Method!

In 1989, Business Enterprise Mapping’s founder Don James was hired to build a printed circuit board production facility, where the plant’s main customer required ISO 9000 certification before shipping could begin.

At the time, the accepted method for defining quality management systems was Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). This very difficult project came with short timelines, limited resources and long hours. To save time, Don quickly adopted the flowchart, allowing him to better understand process structure. The flowcharts helped greatly, they were incorporated as supporting appendices, and the company achieved its goals. Following this experience, Don became determined to find a graphical way to document and improve workflow.  25 years later,  we remain Process Mapping Consultants Who Solve Problems.

In 1993, Don James started Business Enterprise Mapping (BEM). Don knew he could build a team of process mapping consultants that could deliver far superior client results.  For 25 years BEM has focused on providing process mapping consultants that deliver greater insights, increased transparency, and sustainable improvement.  Our Perigon Method Rev18 is proof of our commitment to continually finding better ways to transform organizational performance – making work simpler, faster, and more valuable.

“BEM’s Perigon Method is a brilliant and powerful integration of best practices and I do not know of a better, more effective methodology.” 


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