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With 25 years of process mapping experience, BEM has encountered a wide variety of workflow challenges. We have likely seen the problem before, mapped the business processes that addressed the need, and successfully implemented the solution.  Check out a few process mapping examples here.


National Air Cargo | Minera San Cristobal | Macy's | Phoenix PD | County of Pima | Stryker


“How do we ensure the Iraqi election goes off without a hitch?”

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For this logistics provider to the US Government, BEM identified and implemented best practices and integrated multiple locations worldwide into a common business system within 90 days. The company achieved global ISO 9001 certification with ZERO non-conformances at all locations within two months of the process deployment.

“How do we tag and relocate Llamas without inflicting harm?”

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The Bolivian mine is the world’s third-largest producer of silver and zinc.  Business Enterprise Mapping partnered with mining locals to implement a comprehensive business management system that turned the mine from bankruptcy to a top 10% global performer within 4 years. As a result of the effort, the mine received certification to three rigorous and highly respected international management standards: ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental and OHSAS 18001 for Safety. 

“How do we create consistency in cosmetic sales?”

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Looking for an efficient method to assess operating differences,  BEM mapped a variety of cosmetic counter operations for this US retailer, simplified and consolidated best practices to address substantial performance differences.

“How do we secure a crime scene quickly and effectively”

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BEM partnered to map the Records and Identification Bureau resulting in the first-ever ISO 9001 registration for a police department.  The foundation for substantial department improvement came from the introduction of process maps that documented not only workflow but also the many Red Clouds getting in the way of performance improvement.  Among many other savings, the project eliminated the need for a planned $11 million warehouse expansion.

“How do we streamline legal defense?”

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BEM worked with several constituencies to map the indigent defense system, identifying substantial non-value work, excessive reviews and approvals, and extended cycle times.  By restructuring the organization and streamlining workflow, the county saved over $2.8 million from its annual operating budget.

“How do we ensure this product works every time?”

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Through extensive process mapping, this medical device manufacturer built standardized and improved business processes throughout the organization.  The team aggressively attacked organizational boundaries, streamlining important value streams that delivered improved outcomes for customers and end-users.


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