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7 Important Healthcare KPIs

Measuring Healthcare KPIs is of vital importance. The improvement of performance and productivity depends on the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses and address them adequately. Measuring KPI outcomes is particularly crucial for the healthcare industry and it can be performed in seven ways listed below.       Effectiveness of care Effectiveness of care outcome measure evaluates...

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Business Mapping Insights Benefit eCommerce Startups

The number of online shoppers is estimated to reach 2.05 billion this year, according to Oberlo. Given the potential for profit, eCommerce startups — and their owners — must have a strong handle on project management. If you’ve got an eCommerce startup, you’ll be happy to know that you can tap into business mapping insights to give you crucial information. So with that in mind, what sort of...

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What Does a Best Practice Business Process Look Like?

We map hundreds of business processes annually covering a wide variety of organization sizes, types, and industries. From this extensive experience, we have learned that all business processes have a set of common performance characteristics that demonstrate their successful execution. Outlined below are ten characteristics that best exemplify a best practice business process.     Best Practice...

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"Organizations frequently invest in assets while starving business processes."


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