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Efficiently Marketing New Services to Existing Clients

When business owners are launching their new businesses, marketing to and acquiring clients are their top goals. Once the number of repeat customers starts to grow and revenues become higher, it’s crucial to surprise those old customers with new offers. Relying on the same products and services means resting on your laurels. In today's business world, it usually results in a decrease in both...

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Tips for Small Business Risk Management

Risk is often something that is at the forefront of people’s minds. Most of the time, during everyday life, the potential risks in question are pretty mundane. However, when it comes to the risks involved with the management of small businesses, they can be incredibly impactful. There are many common mistakes that small businesses make, one of the most frequent ones being not having a detailed...

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Are You Ready For International Business Expansion?

There’s a big world of opportunities out there, and your business can take advantage of them. Embracing international business expansion shows that a company is ready to compete globally. It is one of the biggest achievements any enterprise can claim, but there is more to it than simply setting up shop in another country. You need to have a detailed strategy before moving into a new part of the...

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"Organizations frequently invest in assets while starving business processes."


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