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5 Digital Marketing Tactics that will Skyrocket Your Brand Awareness

In the competitive online world of digital marketing, it’s usually the industry giants that enjoy the constant attention of the media and the public, while the smaller players in the field have to fight tooth and nail to gain brand exposure and awareness. That said, this doesn’t mean that you are destined to always live in the shadow of the behemoths that occupy your industry and niche, as...

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Fintech has Exploded – Where are the Opportunities?

As the presence of financial technology, also known as fintech, increases across several sectors, all sized businesses are embracing a more receptive attitude to incorporating such technology into their daily practices, both internal and customer-facing. This can help engineer efficiency into drawn-out processes and elevate the customer service experience by automating systems and recording...

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How Technology Changes Business Processes

Technology has changed everything in the business world, from automating repetitive processes to transforming the way companies communicate customers. Three fields playing a huge role in this transformation are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.   Artificial intelligence is the ability to program machines to simulate human activities, while machine learning is the...

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