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A Checklist for Successful Business Process Documentation

Business process documentation is an essential task that entails the continuous recording of the critical steps followed to complete a task. Effective business documentation requires managers to first conduct a process analysis which is a review conducted in order to comprehend a process. Successful process analysis is followed by the creation of a process map which is the visual representation...

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Tips for Managing E-commerce Business Projects

Online retail has become all the range in recent years, and the prospective market is only set to grow bigger – in 2021, its value is set to reach $4.5 trillion! As an e-commerce business, you will probably be looking at strategies to maximize your growth and take advantage of the popularity of online stores. One way to do this is to invest in e-commerce business development and learn about...

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How To Use Storytelling as a Customer Acquisition Tool

What is the goal of any business? The answer is clear – the goal is to generate sales and grow revenue profitably. According to the report, 44% of companies spend most of their time working on customer acquisition because it is much more demanding than retention or any other sales strategy for that matter.   Marketers use all sorts of tricks to attract new clients, but storytelling somehow...

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