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What Does a Best Practice Business Process Look Like?

We map hundreds of business processes annually covering a wide variety of organization sizes, types, and industries. From this extensive experience, we have learned that all business processes have a set of common performance characteristics that demonstrate their successful execution. Outlined below are ten characteristics that best exemplify a best practice business process.     Best Practice...

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Talent Mapping Helps Companies Plan for the Future

Talent mapping (TM) is an essential tool that is often overlooked, according to Forbes. When it is implemented, such as personality tests for candidates, companies have a better chance of finding suitable talent that supports long-term corporate goals. Human capital is vital and some talented candidates are more likely to adapt to change than others. When TM is put into place, companies are able...

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The Only Two Quality Questions That Matter

When discussing quality with leaders, finding a common ground for framing the conversation and understanding organizational obstacles and challenges can sometimes be problematic.  This article simply illustrates the two dimensions of quality that all enterprise leaders must embrace to ultimately be successful in their desired marketplace.  There are really only two quality questions that matter...

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"Organizations frequently invest in assets while starving business processes."


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