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What’s the Future of Business Communication?

If you went to the streets and asked any person who believes the future “what does the future of business communication look like?” they would likely answer you with “The future of business communication is bright.” And this is the plain truth especially now that there is a huge emergence of new technologies that have changed the way we work and communicate both with our team and customers. In...

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Business Automation Ideas in 2020 For Better Results

Business automation is fast becoming the new trend in business today. It is one way to help your business grow very fast and is something that many big brands and companies already used to increase their efficiency, save time and maximize cost.   It is easy to get carried away with doing many manual jobs that are, maybe, necessary for the smooth running of your business but in the long run,...

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10 Powerful Leadership Characteristics

“ Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality & sustain it" - Bennis                                      Joel Barker taught in the 1980s that a paradigm is a way each of us sees the world. It’s a roadmap that applies to both our business and personal lives. A paradigm is useful because it sets the ground rules for the game we are playing, helps us solve problems while playing...

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"Organizations frequently invest in assets while starving business processes."


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