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BEM has provided Vertical Measures with insights, tools, training, and education to help us successfully transform how we manage our business.

Dana Kajtezovic

This was truly a team effort by all employees and an important milestone towards MSC’s vision of becoming a world class Bolivian mining company.

Mike Bunch

BEM’s Perigon Method is a brilliant and powerful integration of best practices.

M. Seacat

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Strategic Process Management

Organizations are traditionally structured in a top-down manner, often around the perceived strength of management team members, where stronger players are given the greatest responsibilities. In this structure leaders formulate strategies implemented by allocating resources and directing managers along departmental lines, down through business functions and job responsibilities. Jobs are bound in this command-and-control structure by vertical, hierarchical reporting relationships with increasingly smaller increments of responsibility. The more natural, horizontal flow of work is often missing in this management scheme. As a result, business problems are narrowly defined, often incorrectly, as something within a manager’s immediate control. Improvement is absent, restrained, or short lived; workflow performance is substantially sub-optimized.

The key to developing a sustainable competitive advantage is to design the organization to deliver superior workflow execution. Enterprise work must be defined through a systematic business process architecture that closes gaps, eliminates silos, and resolves barriers to aligning the workflow into a logical and manageable structure. Strategic Process Management leverages aligned business processes to create business systems that deliver powerful value propositions in execution of strategic objectives.

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